A Fight Between People They Do Die, And They Can Not Die.

The people are so far that they can normaly people to make a kloon of the man/women the get not died. They shall be, reserved for a war they have still not get end, and you must have people who can fight. And a Kloon they is easy to learn that. It’s not from steel but he/she look’s like a normal human. But even as the ather kloons they have the live, and they do not die. There do the kloon belief in that, that is his reward. He can not die but he can fight, fight for a good charity or is not evryting so good as they told him. So Ratty is raddy to go for to fight, he shall not know that there is a Hunter on him his name whas Pecard. And Pecard whas a specialist in to hunt and get kloons a Ratty. But Ratty has to be a great fighter and must stay in life so, can they into the lab, still working on of new kloons. Finally Ratty whas alone to clear the war but he should be get help from ather kloons. Ratty was specially he whas 1/2 a robot 1/2 a human. They put inside a chip and there come’s his commanders in and Ratty did it. So whas it easy. Until Pecard after him on look, and found. He must take care and he make strange movments. He came somewhere it look like the heaven but it whas not. For with God do Ratty fight who wahs that after him. He get with the chip a lot of information. He get the name Pecard and the God Kingdom. That whas also strange for him but there whas the fight, he must go there. The God whas named Miracle God and whas a prisanor on Aztajec ground. The Miracle God tried to escape what not good workt. But he should tried again, he would away from Aztajec. And Ratty has to kill him, the chip sayd, even he must look out for Pecard, Pecard whas on his feets, he don’t like this. Ratty ask for more so you have a army. So thus more people as him. Ratty has to go, should quitly spy the Miracle God. And Pecard have to save that live from the Miracle God, also knew Pecard that Ratty whas build out of a human this people exist for him and has on his turn to kill Ratty. Pecard did the same as Ratty did, quitly no sound and spy what he did. If it come to a fight between Ratty and Pecard than whas Pecard in a littele advantage he has a good sword and Ratty has a knife nothing more, and his left hand when you have to kill someone. Ratty go still to the Miracle God he know when he get’s to eat and when a gard whas away, he has that timed on a specialy clock. Pecard came near him and ask “what are you doing here, and what is youre name”?. Ratty lookt him and has qwick seen who it whas and give a fals name. “Why will you know my name you tell youre name also not, but i’am Burke, if you belief it or not”. “Burke sorry i touth you whas or named Ratty”. “You may think what you will, but i’am Burke”. “What bring’s you here”?. Pecard don’t like it to answer but he has no given any answer on Ratty’s questions, Ratty has given answers. Can you tell me what is youre name, he give also a fals name “they call me The Blood Hunter”. “That is not you wreel name”. “That is correct”. “Why do say you wreel name, do you shame for you name”?. And so the dialogue go further and both knew who they in wreel were. Pecard (alias The Blood Hunter) know’s that he right behind Ratty whas, and Ratty know that Pecard behind him whas (alias Burke). Both give nothing prise on them selfs. Ratty tried to move any tactics against The Blood Hunter he still call him so. And Pecard will do the same but he whas not a great tactic – man, so in his speaking also not he whas not very tactfull. But order whas order. That whas the for Ratty, Miracle God who whas be a prisoner on Aztajec, Ratty must first see the gard out this play, for Ratty whas it a play he tought that he not can be died. For Pecard lay this a littel bit diffrent he whas Hunting about the fifty-fifty man. Pecard knew now he whas smart to. When Pecard saw that Ratty came from the left side and walk to the Miracle God with his knife in his left enarbeld the gard whas just away and Ratty want to do what he must do, “to kill him”. It where a struggel of his life, Pecard came on his back with his sword, the knife from Ratty marks the left leg from Pecard in a split second he turn his around and will do his job. Pecard whas nasty and came furius to Ratty bleeding aswell evrywhere it whas red from Pecard’s blood. “Youre name is correct Blood Hunter”. “You lose blood very mutsh”. So has Pecard the first scoff to beat. And Ratty whas away before Pecard can good look with his eyes. Ratty has a tactic move game on it he delited. And Pecard has to be work hard, Ratty has almost his job done. He stand near the Miracle God he whas wounded that came he say that i’am will be and i still will alife her away. So that whas a great horns, let live and he go with me as a prisenor to where i came from or to kill him. That whas a big question to Ratty. And endles saw Pecard him. The Miracle God whas still alife Pecard does understand it. Why whas he still in life Ratty has to kill him or is there even someting else happend. Pecard came from the right. Ratty smel his blood he say to the Miracle God “i have to think about 15 minuts i came back so nothing”. With the chip he ask for information and he get don’t let him live there is Pecard for if Pecard lose frome you he can nothing do enymore. “I have to kill Pecard and the Miracle God”?. “That’s the best what you can do”. “Oké order is order”. So he went becaurful back to the Miracle God. Pecard whas near him as a gard. Out of his left boots he pick up a ather knife and go sill and quiet to the Miracle God with his left hand he pickt both necks from the Miracle God and from Pecard, Pecard came not lose, so strong be quiet it’s qwick happend from Pecard to the Miracle God he let it it see from red, red from the first big wound, “will you more Pecard”?. “Please” Pecard has a lot of pain. “That he will that heard pain. “Where will you that i do know”?. All the time they can not lose so strong he hald fast in there neck’s. “Will you have to kill me”? ask Pecard or is that you order. “You know what i know understood Pecard”. “I’am sorry for the Mirecale God”. Before he know he get the knife  deep into his hard and out of his neck he whas still bleeding, Pecard  will not give up Ratty get troubles with Pecard he took his littel knife and wounded him. Endless he has still the knife out of the body of the Miracle God who get lay down on the ground. He eat with his right finger of his right hand and put it in his month it whas tasty he did it again. “Oke Pacard now you”. I’am not tasty he sayd ‘we will see”. Packerd fight back in the struggele they have whas very havy so Ratty whas also wounded in the strruggle, than he could with his long knife by the body of Pacart the Blood Hunter so Ratty get in one movement in and about the body of Pacard from up to down and deep Pacard whas again under his blood. Ratty take him on his knife and put him on the ground. He where evrywhere wounded and Ratty where qwick and  make his order to finsh. He go right away deep into his hard again under the blood still deeper and deeper when it whas gone. He heart his last breve and he did not anytime breving again. He did what he must do.


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