My Chanche Of Live

imageWell when i stopt with working, what better is for mine health. I where so sick on the compagny were i workt that i have my self went diffrent time’s to the dockter. He sent a message to mine specialist, he asking “do you have any stuff to do in youre free-time”. “Yes i read evryting what i see or have in the book-closet”. “Thats good you must always do, it’s good for your knollits or you will say brains, they where trainted”. I wrote when i whas 16 years old a fiction my father verry critical (about books, he read a lot of) he sent it to a publisher, maybe it must be rewrite, but i have never heart of it. Maybe it is brought. When i go studied on highschool i will turn my live. And a few years i did it defnetly. I will back writing again. And in a ather languetish was a challenge apart. I like challenge’s, so i begin and look for a good master who can theach me this new thing. I have found mine master. But evryone has to need a time in his live that he/she maybe the same has to do as what i did, and maybe someone else did in there live time. This is a change for me that i can live me into a story, like yesterday. And the day that i stopt with mine work where in august, now a year ago. But if you evry day write a blog, than you have work what are you like. But why did i it stop with my work!. It is not easy to tell about or to explane, i shall tried. Well when i whas younger than 16 year i wrote for a stagement, this whas also fiction, i whas 12 year. The show must go on and we became just one person has sayd i do it not. I have need a teller by the story and i have to play my one roll, The teller did not come that whas a problem. So i sayd i will do the teller and my one roll, evrybody walkt about the stage but not on right place. There whas my passion i would that later when i has a good age, than i will study’t to The Hague, there whas a school they whas good for me. I sayd i can go intern. So nothing can happend me. Mine father sayd no and no whas no, no any discussion was possible. He saw that not as a good bread on the table, and nobody from his children have those ambitions and i have them, from mine mother of course. She hase playd on the stage and she whas also jury and she ask me to come with her, i like that my intresting for the stage was not gone, so i begon to wrote i thought perhaps it will be come later on. And if i look to soaps i see some thing’s back, “hé i know that a littel bit rewrote”. So i saw my chanse, and sometime’s i write in mine one languatich and i hope that i found it back. Sometime’s in a soap if the need what can do the a hihgpoint what lead to the cliffhanger. I have many script’s in mine house some not finished some finished. And i have many map’s with my blogs what i dealy write and i like it. Mine live is wreely Chanched in a good sins of perspective seen. And i feel my now better than before, when i workt. I get mine passion what i always has, i get it pick up and i feel mine passion get closer to me. I do not understand why mine father no sayd to me. I whas his doughter but she could more, she has more inn her baggaged, mine father has been know that i could be a judge. Stage that whas in his eyes nothing. But the intresting is that i can mine study right’s combined with the stage or the writing what i do you can than have intresting articel or articel’s. Also with what we get to write about the Elections than i can combinad it. Sorry Selayna you are not the only who is packing, me too i have to do mine suitcase from mine husband checken and 13 days with vacation. Than i can not write a article but i will write a vacation how it is gone and where i been are, with places i visit etc. Evrybody know’s how that works. So i look forward about 2 week’s and than we hang into the air. I will take some book’s with me i hope that i have enough information and inspiration that i can further with the blogs who i write evry day (when i’am not sick). I have than no internet i have only mine one telephone, and a telephone explode when i get 1000 words on it and send to The Art of Writing. And he is just get, on for the country where i’am going (mine telephone). So i do not know what he can and what he not can. I think i did good to chanche mine life i have not suspect that it so well go on i’am suprised that is the good word for it. And how many chanche’s are waiting for me only God know’s. And when, if i can publish mine book that is in mine own languetish written. Than i shall try to translatet for you and than you know nearly all about me. Mine life hase to begin in a balans and there you have chanche of live for need and you has also to do it and that is for the most people it make’s a lot of diffculty’s, not for me.


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