When My Mobile Slipt Of Mine Enbarbeld

I have just a new mobile, and he slipt out of mine enbarbeld, i whas angry on my self. And even i could not help it, it whas so hot about here, normaly i have not swet enbarbeld’s, on that moment i have, and i have just dry them. I tought that he whas not ringing anymore so i tried him and he did it. The Phone whas good i’am glad the only where i’am disturb is the loading from the Phone. And i have not payd for it whas a action so i’am the owner and still the owner from the Phone. I did not know that there whas a action. One time i know it i get without to pay a Nokia, that’s a long time ago but i’am now the owner of two Mobils. And both slipt out of mine embarbeld of course i don’t like this. But both Phones still do there work. If i get a nummber than they still do it. I have never put a telephone into a swimmigpool let go to the bottom. What i well did whas with the most expensive waths, go swimmig into the swimmingpool, that whas stupid from me. Wreely so good as he wash and so expensive as he wash, he wash broken he did nothing. Nothing also repairing whas not possible. I have a ather one and he still do, even as mine two mobils. They are still ringing and ather communication so as Whatsapp and a Gmail. For both phones i have not any penny payd, it whas a action what i not know. My husband has also a Phone and they where also a action Phone. He is also the owner of his Phone. When the Phone slipt again out of mine embarbeld’s than i get mine Nokia with me on vacation. I do that for reserve, you never know what gone happend it like me the best what i can do. I have only to pack mine suitecase and abou a week we can go. I enjoy my self to the vacation. And when i’am back ill shall let heard from me. Thanks for the reading, this whas diffecult to do.


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