Someone, But Is It God, Or Is It The People, Who Will That You Belief?

I whas still mine live wreely belief in nothing, but i will do good for the people, until you have a connection with the Univers, but the Univers give’s me a lot of information. There are a lot of belief”s. Christianaty, Jehovaha, Boedism, Islam and there are many more. I askt myself (shursing) to were can i believe in. I’am still confused about myself and i know that mine husband shall not be understanding. So i can live with to believe in the Univers. He found it verry scary. So the God’s who lived in the Univers i have obay them and that can me a great frustration and i where weakly in what i believe. But still i do good for ather people who are in difficulty’s. So Jhon has the case, his risponseebilaty’s he have give’s all to me. I has be, make a concept for how to pick up this problem as Layer it is very diffecult, but it goes about the office, if i can save that, than should i be very glad, but i have people a great dissepointment and i can not say i’am so sorry. No Jhon and i have a lot spoke about how he it want’s. Before to morrow i must have, to come with a concept how i think it is the best. I try to bid to the Univers and the God’s they there live (if them near me with mine dissions) I hope that the heard me and that it my will help and get a great idea. So i hope a desillosion to became and that i can hold my word. Also i hope that Jhon can agree with the plan with i have in mine haed and i know that i to people to must give a very great dissapointment, and i know that they shall never accept it. But i say a vieuw littel words to mine husband and he know’s enough. He whas in the first time confusted and he did it not understanding. We are both frustrated we could not understand this. But who let me belief to the Univers where mine God’s are (in diffecult time’s i pray too). So 18 – 8 -2015 we must go about to the action, i must come with a concept. I have it efficient concept with hart dissisons with, i think maybe more action’s can have from any person’s. But they ather person’s shall be have confusted, do not understanding evrithing what a normal human has in his live they shall believe. Anyway they shall feel it in there wol of there body. They are (i know that now always) be angry, dissepoitment and confusted. It shall not help, if somebody ask me to save his live and the office where he works then i go to him and i know what i have to do. I’am confused too and i do not know what and if i come with the concept. It’s hart but Honestly and with conscience the disscussion for to go start. The last week i pray a lot of, of the Lord from the Univers will near me and that i can do this with all mine hart dissisions. Where i stand afther but now the ather people. Suprised, Confused evrything. Before or afther i can sit near port it is there butiful the sail-boates. After if i have done mine word, i can take my rest by the port. Or in the evening i can go to woods who i have here. When i get a mail i shall read him very well. Let they also even with rest and, let them came out of there confusion so they can understand what there will be means and of it is resenabol. What you belief is you carachter so are you will be born, you get the belief from youre parents, but when you are older you think more and more what and who, with God can i belief. So you have many questions for you self. There must be a day that there come’s a God you beliefe in me.  You are confusted who is that, it’s me youre God and i live in the Univers. And you belief in the Univers, than i’am youre God, and i heard you pray. I whas wreely confuseed, not understanding and eachtsh rib in me from head to feed are stand very strong. I whas wreely shocked i heard a voice and saw 3 a 4 second’s a face. That whas unacseptebol for me. If i told someone they should say you are grazy. So for tomorow i’am also nerveus and why i must say, you can go or you go work more days. The ather came for same, but they have any ather work, i have need people where i can build on 5 or 4 days a week working. Than can the compagny good working and the first monday of the month than we go the task’s look after. It must be a new face and if evrybody hold on his task’s than i hope that, nobody is enymore confused or angry on me but sometime’s you must be hart. For them is it maybe cruel but it must be done. And yes i’am  on someone confusted and angry too, but the person is on holiday. The person can with remarcebal speaking – words you very mutch get on youre soul. I never forgot it and so several time’s. I do that (hophely also not) with mine consience and Honestly good about thinking and than i speak. When i have read the story from mister Mastgrave i read it again and than came mine story into mine head, than i can better be go write with it is gone. But i shall begin to say that, that person has trapt very mutch time’s on mine soul, evry time i forgive but now i shall tell mine remember’s and shall ask why? So the person shall very mutch time’s be confused and it shall come unsespectebol. So that whas it for me to. It is not payback time but one words they can have back from me. That’s all.


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