Nobody Is A Hero.

‘I’am no hero’, because my lord say, if you do good than you can pay be back with good. Who want that i him or she help knokt on mine door. They can come in, i give them time to tell there problem and in with’s way i can help. I do my best evrytime, again and again. Nothing is easy. And what i have read about Irena Sendler is remarcebal. But i read also a code that’s the next “Evry child saved with my help is the justification of my existence on this Earth, and not a title to glory”. Mine father sayd the same and he did the same, many papers maked for people were he a new adres for had. The person go from Holland to Belgium near France, but from Belgium they go with a boat the river in the Holle so you can rowing to Swiss there whas no war. But i pray a lot of time’s, i think Irena Sendler shall be have prayd and mine father to he get evrything in code from Frysland (ather district to the north) and from Belgium. He sayd i did what i can and i do mine duty aswel. And i pray of God mine will be near will be, of i have make sins and of he can forgive what i did folt in the past and in futher, and i know i ask some times to mutsh from myself and of God me will help. And mine spirit make better and what i have to offer for that. Please let me know God. Something like that goes mine pray. Mine father has learned me you come on Earth you do you task and you go to death. What you task is you have found out in the time that you lived. He came after his task Jews people bring save give them a save home and also with new identities. Mine husband found that i to mutsh ask from myself, and that is not good take rest and hold your self rest. I hear it but i can’t. Anyway what i read about Irena Sendler thats a very impressing story, if i think about the story from my own father (and mother) than i see thing’s they come in one line from working maybe they have noticet eachather, but talking no that’s also a code. Trust nobody only on youre own. It whas any time a narrow escape for them who came in a prison. If you came out you know that the Gestapo to look after you.

If you are shoot and you cam alive out than you had the most luck of the day.


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