Who Betrayd Anne Frank?

Who is the man or women that has Anne Frank betrayd?. The Nation, different Nation’s ask by than self, but none autorithy’s should you hear. Anne Frank yes we have heart about her,  than you have to go to Amsterdam. And ask by the autorithy’s there. When you wreely go and they know that, they cald The Hage “if somebody ask to Anne Frank sent him or her away they would know who has betrait Anne Frank. There are not 100 year’s past so any document is still in the safe. But i know belief it or not. I shall never forget that the one and only interview with Otto Frank the father of Anne Frank.  I will only say what a good father do and not do with his own doghter? . I’am correct or not?. And what i also rear found how is it possible that he wash not into the suite’s of the Germans, for who work’s he with or again the Germans of bouth? . So Otto Frank whas a great risk for the people they did just only good work, a lot of them has knowed him. But he whas a great mistic man a man with double face’s. And in that interview came also that moment that the Germans knew (from a tip) where Anne Frank whas hidden. Near before the war should be ended. End 44 or 45 came the Germans in, always the wrong house and this time whas not a lucky shot but they knew it. When this where aske’t to Otto Frank of i know who betrait mine doghter i’am sorry for that, he say the next words “i’am sorry for that i did not know that the people here it as a betrait saw i did it for save mine one live”. “You life is more wurth than a 14 year’s old doghter”.  “Why do you this youre one dogther and youre wife, where do you come from”?. “I’am German i come from Berlin” and i must betrait her if it should be worse for evryone that has me told”. And than wash a moment of silence in the interview. It could be worse and it shall be worse.


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