The Temple Of Dome.

When there came a twight, dusk then comes a great Ship out of the space. Some people named it The temple of dome, and why they diden’t know there are 40 people and all the 40 want’s into the temple of Dome.   http://Foto by title Temple Of Dome.

It wahs a open field. When the dome came so, he sayd with his steel voice you can into to dome and you shall be a fine life have. Evrybody want in that dome but there whas place for 15 persons. So there shall be 25 persons outside of the dome and what whas there destinny, they diden’t know.

It is better that they are the destinny not know.

And why is it better that they did not know, if the dome should be go up the space back in than he spoke a curse about those people. And what was the curse with’s he has sayd to the people outside of the dome. The only that they know whas that they are not safe. How to fight a dome? And what can we do, where are we safe? All questions by the people who are standing outside of the dome and look to the dome with his compassenters, he has 15 on board, but what can the 15 suspect? Not mutch good and the people on the ground think what can we suspect? Not mutch good why we are not in the dome, and the dome is gone, gone inn the space. We can bring us safe, how a ather ask? So there came a discusion by the people who are out off the dome and did not know of the curse. And the curse whas not friendly aswel, maybe cruel or brute. But for the insiders (his compassenters), the compassenters were brought to a chamber. There they can rest and take a sleep. The sleep whas not normal, they were into a sort of hypnose brought and so they sleep. Not only own whas awake. In that time they were brought to a hospital to see fiscly and the brains are good yes or no, they want to know that. And them selfs did not know. When they are fiscly are in order than came the scan for the brains, that whas a robot too. And they are still sleeping and sleeping, there come’s a lot more evrything will the dome in own day. They has to be programedet from good to a bad even as a evil boy or a girl. That is what he want. And they have nothing to ask to the dome but obay. What he ask you must do, there are no feelings at all not 1 good feeling no human feeling. You saw out as a normaly human but it wasen’t. They sleep two days and they where all of them programedet, the dome ask the athers (who also be programedet) them wake up. So they did, no asking they did. Evry chamber where onlockt and go into the room and wake up the person. The person asket “where i’am now” “no asking there are you closes” and the person that has wake him up orphan to the closset. “You have 15 minuts to get ready and wait out-side of you room”. No asking anymore. Shorter than that it could be. You know not a name from the person and youre guide orphan’t where you must stand for to waiting. Than comes that he also nothing sayd no name no nothing. The dome self saw out as a three-headed or tricollour-head. All the last 14 are wake up and did what them are told, and they say nothing. Just the first has questions. He wants to know more but the only what he must do whas shut up youre mouth. That is what he heard time after time no questions. He tought on his friends on the ground he go miss them oh sure he did. The dome knew that but he whas programedet in the hypnotish sleep, how whas it possible that he askt where i’am now. Own for own they see the dome nobody ask sometingh they bow for him. And the next he say “say me after”. “I swear the dome to obay the dome is wise and the dome knows what for dissisons he take’s i trust on his wisdom”. When they stand all the time and bow own for own the say what he has sayd. Why they diden’t know so the dome has that 14 times heard now the last own the diffecult man. Who has ask if you are programedet than you have no questions, but the dome is the dome and he is the boss (evil boss). So the last own can come. The dome great him friendly, the boy did his suits to same and bow. His head came than right abouve and looked to the dome. He would sometingh ask, but he did on time nothing ask. The dome looket him his eyes were green rancour, and he whas furius to. Is he not good in hypnotish or has the scan make a folt or whas it some own else. The boy has well maners he will say his name, it whas the boy the unkind, so as the dome came over. He tried to talk to the dome and say his name, “sorry master (a moment he bow) i will say my name and where i come from”. His eyes go from green to withe evry colour came out of his eyes. “My name is Shan Eyely and i’am now 25 years old, you came very unkind to me over so whats wrong, if i ask you”. “I’am unkind that you to the rules in, thinghs ask and you may not speak to me, you have only to obay me”. “And how are the rules? Master”. That is not to you but to me, listen i tell you just own time. “Say me after, I swear the dome to obay the dome is wise and the dome knows what for dissions he take’s i trust on his wisdom”. So you bow and say that for me Shan”. For own last time he lookt the dome right into the eyes of the dome and the dome did the same and the withe light from his eyes put he into the eyes of Shan. Shan bow and say next words “I swear the dome to belief the dome is unkind what for dissions he take’s i trust my own wisdom”. “Take him and bring him away” orderd the dome. “This man is very diffecult he will not obay me and trust on mine wisdom” Furius whas the dome. The dome went two gards to him and it whas “take him to his room here is a letter bring that away go back to his room and stay day and night for his door, until youre where lost as gards”. “The dome hase spoken we shall do that for the dome”. Verry lazy own tone and monotone came that out of there mouth they do obay him. And what now if Shan not would to his room. But Shan where brute on his arms the two gards who the dome has sayd to do that, they did. Brutly put and evryting where they on can put on the way to his room. Own go with Shan into the room, the ather go further to give the letter away who name whas on the letter. He game there and give it he sayd “with respect from the dome i must bring this”. The man opend the letter and whas reading he whas shocket “after 15 minuts i come i have sometingh to finish”. Into the room have wunderful the gard and Shan are on speaking-turms the gard tell him a lot of how it into the dome happend. “You call me Rem” The 14 ather shall from the dome also a ather name. “What want he from the people”?. “He whas angry on me correct Rem” “Yes ssst i heard someone i go outside remember Rem and say nothing about this”. And Rem whas outside and as gard he stand by the door, he has no time the door onlockt the door whas still open. The ather gard came back from the post, he go stand where the door go open, that had Rem radher not but he did a stap forward so the ather did to. And after 15 minuts they saw someone in great steps he walkt to the room from Shan. He say “leave me alone with him the gards are not need” so they go away to the dome.

And what for plan has the people on the ground: Have they a plan and is it a good plan and can you do with a great group of people. But they did not know what in the first ouers has happend into the dome. Until they heard some of them has a gift and has contact with Shan. It whas a girl it wash the girlfriend of Shan and a ather boy his best friend. They stand still on discus what to do in the middle of the open field. They get go hidden your-self into the woods. His girlfriend say “come we go hidden ourer-self into the woods the dome is not a nice place to be”. “Why” “They have Shan nearly programedet to obay the dome” “Mart do you have the same”?. “Yes maybe a littel bit more there is someone on board they do, of but, he is also not good be luck’t by his programedet but i play it”. He will help Shan. “He say to me hidden you in the woods 2 or 3 miles on your left suit”. The group begon to discus how could you know this and whats happend with the ather 14 who are into the dome. What is the name of the dome who is the dome? Come on we go to the woods if the dome come’s back. He must and shall not find us. The groupe went to the woods Shan’s girlfriend get the leading with his Mart so they walkt and walkt and has to becliming a part of rock’s and mounty’s until they saw a wood 4 a 5 miles whas that so to see on the first eye.

The ceremony for the 14 athers. So Shan whas still on his room and a dockter whas came in lookt fysicly to him and his brain where on electroiden so they can give infomation about the hypnotising. Shan did what Rem him has told play this game and you and me shall win and than we can the dome give a good short electroiden and what make easyer for ouer self. The dockter give Shan a injection in his left leg. In the mealroom theire where you evry day take youre eat with the dome and the 14 athers begin’s the ceremony they get own for own a glas red wine from the dome and he did some powder in the glas of wine nobody ask nobody speak. The groupe that whas first came in, before Shan and his friend’s came in has this already done this ceremony, but the glas of wine not they where now with 29 persons Shan should be 30 but about Shan whas evrybody shamed you have just to obay. The dome whas on the head of the table and with there glas of wine and the powder (what the dome has put in) they waited on the dome when he whas ready he told who by with number of the chair could stand. And so happend the dome orderd put youre glas on the table with youre number. All together they put there glas on the table. At that moment came the two gard in, just when the ceremony nearly on a highpoint must come. Who has the note give to the dockter, the same came to the dome and make a bow and give the dome the letter. The dome whas upsate “why do you not youre duty”?. He bow again “with respect, pleace read it”. The dome has to open the letter and it disurbt the cerremony. What he whas reading whas not so pleasent, the scan has do his work not good. “Make a new one, with better is, and how is it now with Shan”?. Rem you go back to the door you take youre post in as gard and the ather go back to bring this message. And Rem did (played) what him whas told the ather own go to the dockter. The ceremony go further they have put there glas. The dome must beloaded and when that whas happend he say “on a new futher on a new life and a new KING and i’am you KING the KING of the DOME. I ask you just own time “who will not be obay THE KING OF THE DOME? you are free to speak now”. 29 faces looket to echather 29 people are under hypnotist and programed so as the dome it will. “We are free to speak, we will bring a toast out on ouer KING”. “Nobody play a game”?. The dockter came in even the dockter bow and sayd i have noticed of you order, “it’s not possible” the dome where angry “disturb me not anymore when the ceremony is just on his highpoint” he sayd it not friendly he whas angry very angry. The dockter bow and walkt backwurt’s out of the room. Shan whas dizzy the injection has done his work. He came bit by bit out of the sleep, but he has pain in his leg left leg he felt it, it whas a nasty injection. His tought go from the left to right and very quick. I’am hypnotist. Rem say “i go looking i heard someting, will you still by the door”?. “Oké”. So Rem unlockt the door and go for a look, “so how are you feeling almost better”? Is it you Rem, yes it me, you are not hypnotist what you thougt, from the injection do you normal sleep and the dockter can you better see fyscly and you are quiet than he can see the brains, tomorrow you have ather things, this is the beginnig”. “It could be true” “belief me i have this to had” “i will belief you but it is grazy”. “The first year you are out of the groupe they do want you if the dome say you shame for Shan they do that.” “But the ceremony is going on than happend things you are glad that you there not be seems to be.” “What’s happend than”?. “It’s better that you not evryting know” “why do you say that” “no you must the first year come true, you have play a game do not forget that”. “I do that evry day”. “A year long a dockter here”. “So long the dome it will”. “I go back i must on the door stand”. “You are strong enough you will safe youre self. The dome who has his self to make a KING and evrybody has to obay him. The ceremony whas two time’s under broken. 29 people must help him to say what the last whas what he has sayd. But he did not know enymore he cancel the ceremony and will seperatet him self. He ask his closes and returnt away. With a steel voice “go to you room and tomorow, we do it again from the beginning. There whas one they playd a game and would have a talk with Shan. End of Episode 1


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