The Temple Of Dome episode 2

The dome is so upsait that he is sick. How can a Robot be sick?. If his voltage in the minus comes than he must beloaded. So evrybody has a day longer on his room and the dockter make’s a lot of ouer’s.

How get it on the ground had they the woods found so that they can hidden to?.

With a lot of sucses and ather struggel they saw the wood, and yes on there left suit. They would running to the woods, it’s better not to do we must stay together. They took echather suit and very close together then the group hope that them not can happend someting if the dome came back. Of course they did not know what happend where the dome whas and did. They did not know from anything they could only make the best of it. In the middle of nowwhere they hidden and stay there. She would make a plan with Mart and of the ather’s go agree. Well Caroline go to Mart and say we must have to eat and drink how go we that do? Go the man shooting a pig someting like that we can not steel, theire is no farm. Yes you have a point, by the dome is that allready on the table. “Wath for rear take do you have”?. Caroline ask Mart. “Did i someting sayd”. ” Yes you do”, “it shall be a message”. We have to shoot ouer eat and go fishing. And look what the tree’s us will give. But first the plan the dome is not a nice person, unkind and brute, he can people hypnotist and under control holding that’s what we know, more we do not know. Hypnotis what can we do not looking him if you do that than has he you under control. And further what can we do more than only this? There came a silence and that whas it keep calm, behave your self and hold you self allways under control. But if he attack us, i mean if he come back, what shall he do with us?. Good question they must all be answerd, so you have a perfect plan. He look’s as a short of Robot with angry human handeling. What do we whit a Robot look to loading we can make that unvaillebal. But we must not be hypnotist he let you in the hypnotishing and you do what he want. The nerts must be appart from the group we have need them the ather make spear’s knifs someting where you a animal death-wounded than you make it death. Than we have evry day in evening a meal. So the tone whas set. The rearly whas Mart do you get any time more, Caroline did not say she whas jalous about him. And Mart has also not say on the moment that she have beclimed the rock’s he found a GPS and knew where the best place is to hid your self but he whas with a group, he don’t like that. He whas self not a great nerd but with help he can a lot. The dome has programedet, if you have chanse you can deprogramedet, than should the dome out of function. But the people on board they still obay him. If the dome out of function is, the people still under hypnose, and how do we that get deprogramedet they are not a robot, but human. That say Mart so into the group the only who can help us is Shan. Shan is still on his room he will sent a message to Mart and Caroline. But brute come’s a gard in and say i must you take away. On the voice it whas Rem so the athers get not any warning. He take Shan brute on his arm and takelt him on his legs. The ather gards has nothing to ask so is it good. You can sleep here and he get’s a room so one luxury you can belief it. From there he concentread him self and will sent a message to Mart. After a ouer it go working and he say loud and clearly and still he stay in his consantration and sent it to Mart. That de dome is ill, sick when the ceremony on his highpoint whas and must underbroken. And that the dome him self to a king has cold. The group has make a fire, with not easy whas, and there whas a bird they can eat and they have a big fish. Both are roasted on the fire, same time the nerds make a plan how to deprogramedet the people when under hypnotist where and still are. How do you somebody they have or is under hypnotist deprogramedet, first you have to know with, what short of speeches where they are under hypnose brought. And why did it failed by two man one play a game and the ather (Shan) will get the dome out of his comfort-zone. With whas happend, the dome are ill (sick) so Shane hoped that his massages came to Mart, he whas tired aswel and will go to sleep. With he tried but if he even in sleep fal then he heard sound come where he did not know. If they are mine message has heard than they knew that it not works by me he tought. And in the woods they have still are eat and have for the day after also to eat but a littel fish, than we have enough, and there must what water come so we have drink, suddenly begon’s Mart his found GPS to trill and feld nearly out of his hands. What’s this he tought, he sayd nothing to Caroline it wash for Mart allone. Mart where give no sound he whas in concentration how it could he did not know, there came a message, what kind of message. Caroline saw this as first one she tried the group to silence on wispering tone she sayd “please be quiet, there come’s a message to Mart”. So evrybody are quiet and Caroline whas also in a deep trance and has also a message a ather message than Mart they came there soon after, but both are deep in trance Mart nearly a ouer and Caroline a 1/2 ouer so Mart has a message and Caroline. Rem had a message for Caroline and Shan has a message to Mart. Caroline ask what kind of curse the dome has spoken about the people on the ground. You shall be hunted who are a prisanor than you shall be hunted as a slave you has to do what you Master you told do you not than you can get sweapstaeks, how more you say no i do it not how more sweapstaeks. It is one to one. That whas a rear message but why choce he me?. Mart has a message that the dome is sick an the ceremony is broken up the robot must be loaded and he want that do on Aciopeia, and after that the ceremony from the beginning do again.

So the dome has him self to the dockter.

Oké you have me disturb me when the ceremony on the highpoint, but i have need you, i take mine place in when we on Aciopeia are than can you me load up for a 1/2 year, but you are folt you know that. Why sent you the gard’s away they come in when we begon the ceremony? That could i not know i would be alone with the man who is or diffecult under hypnose to bring is. If i get ready with him than it is youre best man who you can have. What’s the plan. I can put a chip in him, i can give him a overdosis from a injection what his will shall bit by bit out of his own work when i give him than evry day in his sleep give a injection he has the first prisenor make. That’s intressting i think about it but load me up i can not enymore. Pleace lay down and i give you, you food. The dome go lay down on a stredsbed it whas very small and not long so it whas not comfortebal and the dome whas all out his comfortzone, not on his own room thus it whas for the doom to wait, what shall be come. Rem go to Shane and tell him that the man in the next room evry word has understand from his message. Think, it Think it whas his message speak not loud, what whas the sound what i heard, they will you have not to sleep if you nearly sleep than they awake you with that sound. I know it all but the dockter is buzzy with the dome this is ouer chance. Do more concentreed and sent you tought to the person. Come i have a gard – closes put it so qwick aswel on and we go to the dockter. Shan has very did his best so qwick as possible, they go together to the room where the dockter are buzzy were with the dome, whas the dockter also hypnotist or play he also a game?. He play a game, but he can be dangerous and do what the doom say of has sayd. And he will do with you a expirament, you get evry day injections, more stuf so you are the best man of the dome, i have heard it say to the dome and he will think about it. My God we give him no food let’s go. Follow me and say nothing obay what i you told. Dockter what’s wrong with the dome can i help whas the question from Rem. No you can nothing do to me or for me, yes i have take a look to someone else who chamber 3, that whas not the chamber from Shan stay here and look of evrithing still good go. And don’t speak about this. This whas the moment this whas the only time that they could do what they want to do. It must just now and what as the dockter go to the room from Shan. Could a dockter so brute that he gard’s betrait or did he that not and let us ouer work do what he maybe all the time has will do. But his message from Rem and Shan were came on loud and clearly, when the GPS from Mart go trill than come’s a message. And there came again a message. We make the dome out of function for a wile. Mart and Caroline get the message both on the same time, and they where not to come to the first message’s to explane for echather, when this message came to them. So that whas butiful news, there are very glad with that but they have not a nice feeling about this message, surtenly if it go’s about Shan, the arms begin to trilling they have a feeling that Shan someting should tinks came over about this message has a rear and a unkind littel brute they will Shan make unvaillebale and Coroline get to thril she get a feeling and she has the idea we must somthing do there is someone who betrait evrything.


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