The Temple Of Dome.


Who betrait who whas it Rem, whas it the dockter, who someting will do what the dome will that happend. A week is long for the dome (King) to repair and found his balance to do his work. Or someone else who whas on board that the group no noticed from. And Caroline told her angry thought’s to Mart when the message came from Rem and Shan. We can make the dome at the moment unvaillabal, out of function. But who make’s the robot (the dome a new King?). After the hills there has they hidden for the dome. The strainge feeling say to Caroline that, there someting should be happend with Shan, so we must find out who will betrait Shan and what should be happend with Shan?. Can you make contact with Shan she ask Mart, you have a GPS found, from who whas that? There came more and more asking’s also from the group. And surtenly from the nerds they must the fibre clue again the normal way. But not now there is dangerous, and the nerds has right because the dockter came in. Just when Rem and Shan will begining, they stood still bow and Rem say all is correct evrything go good. More not, when they bow again they get the message fom Mart what the nerds has told. If they have a chance they will do it. So they work together, because the dockter will be strainge and dangerous come over and you have to obay him whas that the man who has from a normal human-been will make robots and should hunting on the Aerth for the human-been to make for a slave 29 slave’s it’s uncradebal, you can belief that. Well is the dockter the dome, supose he create a robot and make him to a King, and when the dockter is ready with all his plans, and he come back to the Aerth where we us hidding into the woods, and they are hunting on us to get a slave who has to obay to a robot, very angry say Mart never about mine death body. And Shan? Shan has to get me as his slave say Caroline, if i not do what he want’s than i can get sweapsteaks how more i say i do that not how more i get sweapsteaks until i can not refust, i must than be weak and they shall never give rest for a day, so they make you unhappy and so after a year you are be a robot or you are going to death because you have evry day a lot of sweapsteaks. That’s not a pleasent death. The group has heard this how is it possible and if the dockter make from human-been a robot and the robot make him self to a King. If he did that with Shan to than i hope that he can still sent a message. And if the brains from Shan not work anymore what than?. And so they discus further a day and by eat and to late in the night. The discusion whas still not be ended, but they have enough sleep need and they go to sleep. id=6025611783433809839

The dome has for a normal human a horror face it look like a zombie, we named that so on Aerth, but if you are a exparimant are than they can do what they want with you, and whas it a human whit no human feeling’s anymore. What kind of dockter whas that than. Will he alone be can see how far he can get with his exparimant’s or whas it also a man without any human feeling’s. The group whas un happy and unkind to echather and that can you not have when you must work together.

After a week from repair and found his balance.

So after the loading and to give food to the dome, he asked the gard go away and self did the dockter the door on lock so the dome could never go to. The only what he can do whas still lay down on that nasty bed. And why did the dockter it not on mine own room. The dockter go to his workplace and walkt to a panel with all switchbuttons where he a vieuw put on not mutsh but 3 whas enough. When he walkt to the ather side, there were also switchbuttons he put one by and lookt into a scream, nothing to see, he saw the room of Shan. This is not possible how get he away the double dosiss get now if i see him. But he whas on order from the dockter still with Rem before the door from the dome. He did what him whas told. The dockter will someting ask “who sayd that you are a gard and that you have to wait for the dome his room”. “I do what me is told i obay you”, that whas strainge for the dockter, the only injection what i give work’t that than allready. “I will look at you now go to you room stay there and go lay down on youre bed”. Shan play the game, and Rem knew what go happend, he get a lot of electroiden that much energy ask, you are dizzy and he give a injection in one time that you brains for a week are not in function. Poor Shan, but i has that too if he can fight against it what i hope. And so whas Rem further think he whas not by his posision that he are a gard and the game he let that go. That is just a thing he must not do that, the dockter could see that on his face, it’s to precair, the dockter can see that he play a came almost a 1/2 year long. One in the 1/2 year the dome come to the Aerth, one time for to pick up people and make them ready to work for him. And one time the new one’s get and must make one slave a boy or a girl thats the same you get own. And he do thing’s with the people they are so cruel and brute it’s out of any propotion. And the group knew that to but there came no any message from Shan or Rem. Shan whas for a week out of function, the only what he did whas sleeping, he get a overdosiss from the electroiden and late in the evening he get’s a overdosiss with a injection again in his left leg, he could not walk he whas be paralyse’t. And he lay there and whas still sleeping for a week long. Rem whas not happy with this, he will take a look but the dockter give Shane evry day late in the evening a injection. Shan must be listening to him and the dome. When Rem will take a look he could not in he tried with a new key, to unlockt the door. It’s help not he look to the door and it whas that he saw that there a ather lock brought in, and why he should ask the dockter. He go looking for the dockter and after a wile he found him, and ask him the question with he would ask, “why is there a new lock on the door from the boy where the hypnotist not get good”? “Why will you know that” “Only i come there in i shall him let obay so as the doom it will” “If it not on the good maner goes than on the badway”. “Will you go to, to youre room evrybody is on his room thus you to” Rem get it cold and warm, but he did, he whas the only normal person on board, he sent a last message to Caroline it whas a short one Shane is out of function and maybe me too. The dockter has spoken and he will Shan have for a expiramant with i do not know. And Caroline get 15 minets late his message and told it to the group, what now to do?. In the same time they has landed on Aciopeia there where the dome and Shan, probebly Rem to by the dockter be workt, they must be unvaillebale and listen to the dome who whas the dome and who has created the dome. And why all this expiramant’s. The ather 29 must go from early in the morning to late in the evening non-stop to train with sword, with rope so you can hit somebody and cold and warm bath, and running, spinning all those things more. They must be strong, very strong and the dockter inspected them evry day and they obay him. Who whas here the dome i think the dockter is and whas the dome. He make evrybody to his slave, because they obay him. Rem how about Rem whas he also even as Shan out of function? The dome whas out of function, Shan whas out of function, Rem nobody knows. And  on the ground in the woods they begon them make sorrow there came not any message to Mart or Caroline they had angry feeling’s about those 2 people and angry feeling’s about the dockter, but they have still evry day to eat one time more and the ather time whas it not much, but eat is eat and a bit drink. One day evryone must stay on there room and the dockter did that to, the landing on Aciopeia get happend you can feel one great shock and the dome has landed. Shan where wake up shuddelt brutly some cruel it whas the dockter him self Shane get not awake “danm to give to mutch”. Rem where awake he walkt to the frich open it and saw milk he took 3 glas of milk and go again lay down and did of he whas still a sleep. The dockter came Rem also to wake up Rem did of he not could awake aigan sayd the dockter “give him to mutch”.  When the dockter walkt away, sent Rem a message look out we came earlyer back than you think. It came not good to Mart or Caroline, Rem his concentration whas not just in order. He get a ather glas of milk when Rem has a message it whas not clearly enough to understand it. After a ouer Rem tried again “we came earlyer than you think”. Now whas it claer came to Caroline, what she has pick up she told the group. After a vieuw weeks 6 weeks 8 weeks not a 1/2 year Mart let you GPS speak. The nerd’s ask and told “who can fight with the dockter”? Mart you have a GPS you know where he should be landed true or will you not it take a fight with the dockter if you do that than we can make him unvaillalbal and than out of function. Can and will you lock him to us only thus to the nerd’s. I will try but if he wants a ather plan and sent Shan so dizzy as he is the only what he does is obay him out of function. And Shan whas out of function, Rem go for the door stand he sayd dockter i do what you have told to me. You will you self give up for me you will obay me what ever happend yes he sayd. Well i go take a look and he go into the room, what will he from Shan? Rem ask him self. And whas the dockter who betrait evryone and whas he the dome too. And Shan will not awake Rem heard the curse what the dockter sayd he found it hoples his expiramant do not work, furius he walkt the room out he clap with the door and felt very hart in his lock but it whas still unlockt so qwick and angry walkt he away. He go to the room where he de dome has load up he lay still out of his comfort-zone on the littel smal stressbed, he wake up the dome look to the voltage very good and he could for a year go further. The dome were wake up and ask to Shan “out of function” “how did you that” “with injections i have told about” “he shall only me obay” the dockter say that quicly there after. On the ground they knew who the dome is that is the dockter and he has a man make to a robot with he cald the dome. It whas his voice what programed whas into the robot, he give’s the robot no feeling’s what he self also not has. In the woods where they are 25 persons and they called the dockter a grazy man who will play for a austronout, maybe whas he a astronoom and know with star you can landed and with not. If evryone obay him than you get the time to the dockter play out function that whas diffecult, but they have there plan ready. And if it is true that they come earlyer back to the ground than we shall be hunting as slaves do you get as prisenor than you have not long to live. That whas the conclusion of the nerd’s. Yes and than you can better die than evry day sweapsteaks if you not do what are you is told you can more sweapsteaks not a pretty thing. This whas the nerd’s new. There go ouer plan. Maybe not it is not easy but you must concentreed you on the dockter. The dome should be 2 weeks on Acaiopeia, and than they go to, the Perasiden theyre whas the head-qaters from the dome. This all play into the Space, a Space where in the space-lab many people can have. And when the people are back on Aerth they shall be make a fight to normal people. But they have first to let see to the dome with are the strongest are? They have to fight to echather and the strongest won, and when somebody has wounded a ather they whas the slave of the strongest one. So they have to train mutch and long, from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm no eat no drink training and nothing else week in week out. That whas into the Space just possible and maybe more. The dockter came with 5 short stick’s and 5 long one, he shuttelt and let them one for one take a stick. After that they must, that let see short to the long one, they get into the ring and have maybe a knife, when the bel ringed they has begon on live or death. Nobody want’s be a slave and fight for what they wurth are the future hing about there head. They fight so long that it whas 10.00 pm and still going strong. Evrybody go on also they are wounded, but not so wounded that you must give up. Nobody want’s the worst time that whas possible. But one get so tired that he make a wrong slip and will bow his head and he slipt complatly away, and feld the man put his knif into his back and wounded him very mutch. He still lay down, he yellt and say stand up. He did but will with his knife to his trought and came a littele bit to short. And the man put the knife into his face and the arm where he good in whas. He feld again and knew i’am his slave say nothing and tried to stand up with no go. The dockter saw it and ask the dome to give the winner the man who lose his fight, to give him as the slave to the strongest one the dome did that “you have him always to obay”. The dome sayd.


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