The Girl In Withe.

Many centurys ago in 1180 play the next nasty life from a girl that must be married with a man who she can not have love. The man did his for as a charmant man, but after that mask there whas a cruel man. When she whas married with him, they go to a great castel both belongs to the nobility (blue blood). There whas no holiday, but the man let see has true face to her. And it wash so as she has feel it. If she had not on time the eat get ready, she whas blue, he hit her where he can. Sometimes she lay down on the ground and can not stand up. He put her from the ground and hit her again. When she the eat has ready than he give a stab in her back. She could not enymore again she tought how come i away. It wash clear she must behauvior and listen to him and always obay him did she not, she where brute and cruel hit. She has not obay him. But there came a day that the man not tought, i must make children, i must be have a boy and he get 2 children a girl and a boy, poor daughter. The lady i withe whas Charlotte,  the daughter wash cald Celine and when endless the boy came, they get the name of his father Henry. Charlotte whas there only for to make eat and that the children get school, on house. When the children are sleeping and Charlotte did not what he want he hit her sometime so very hart that she a day after could stand up. On one day he whas not at home she took the children and walkt away from that nasty man. That wash in 1180.

But the rear thing about is that it has repeated in the year 14.00.

In the year 1400 the man and the women married on the same way there task whas not be finisht. So all get in a overvieuw of course they did not know of they have lived in 1180. But they knew there lived in 14.00. When the women has always has to obay and he get more and more cruel and very brute to her. And it goes for nothing, there whas nothing to have a fight, with echtather. But one day he saw she will walkt away he get after her hit her so mutch and many time´s that she whas not only wounded but she whas died on this. She will be barried with honer, the man knew better. In the year 1959 repeated it again oké how is it be possible.

I saw a monster with a lot of collours all from the rainbow, i wash clear wake up i saw it not into my sleep. He make a with his suite a sign to me hold youre mouth and screem not for help. With i will to do. But he whas so angry to me and i did what me whas told. I say nothing i do nothing i obayd that monster. He say a name and there came a lady in withe closes to him, `this is the perfect lady` `is she a virgin` `yes` lay down her she is afraid but say calm evrything come´s good. And the lady in withe came never me, into my bed rear and i whas still awake. Even on the moment that she in smoke into my body goes. So she lift with me from my 4 years to 60 years old with me. And almost i did things that i will do but i do doubt so mutch doubt that i obay her what sall happend in mine live. I spent a lot of energy i have lived two difrent life´s that life from Charlotte and that from my own. I did not know anymore when i will take a end of mine life she is 2 years later go out of mine body endless thank God. And how can you be married a cruel and brute man i understand that not. This very nasty if you this again see for you eye´s. A monster with purple, yellow, red and green eye´s suites there where purple and green and i feel my on this moment very out of mine comfortzone. But there happend things also about youre comfortzone. I get cold mine hair get on right up on mine arms, i can`t help it. It is nasty when you this again play of for you eye´s.


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