Dragons And Under Watermonster’s

This picture think me back to Ivanho, but he fight not with any help, from a ather. Also then at that time whas the dragon wins all the time. Many has tried to beat the dragon. In that century they tried the monsters so we look to a dragon and a fighter one fighter has lose his live. The young figther whas not afraid but stand still and look the dragon into the eye’s the speer go up and wait for his chance. The dragon must be unscrubt than he could be kill him. They are both not wounded. The dragon makes a folt, he felt the fighter on his face and the speer go into his stumack. The dragon whas under blood, but there whas more for need to the dragon to execuite. Middle in the wood so where can you go to, when that you think that you lose?. What centrury’s ago happend the animals make to death and we make fire with tree’s, we are now in a evolution that we still make animals death for the honour and glory. That whas for the fighter on the picture even so. His honour and the glory with he can have from a king. The rear thing whas that dose monsters are survivald any ather place. How wounded they are they go into the oceans andin the oceans and the monsters can lived under the ocean who we know. But under that ocean is a ather ocean there the lived. So is a short time ago detecting, there life monsters they became a monster of a fich. With the same teath and mouth, from a view centuries ago even as the the fighter and the great dragon. So is it in this time, also the same old story, but a diffecult diffrent the diffrent is centuries ago we make animals death and that whas for the honour and glory, and now you give sombody 50.000 dollar and you can shoot a lion. The honour is all gone if you take so mutch mony. Centuries ago so if i can see on the picture, the fighter did it for the honour and maybe also for his reward what he get if he can life back to the castel. The fighter Ivan he knew he should make no chance to that dragon if he playd tacticly good. He has no plan so how can you have a good tactic, the only what he thout whas let not see your fear, when you let see you are scared than he takes you. So win the trust of the animal than you can do what you will do, but not for 50.000 dollar. They are wounded into the ocean and grow further so as they are now are. With sonar apparatus, some Aligators some fish they can heard you very mutch. It is a rear story, but also actually that people the maybe the last hurdle has take, nothing is true about that.


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