The Speed


So you can see we drive about a bbridge. I can just not see of there is a ather trolly, withs later give a great problem what i just not have seen. The problem is that my Trollydriver breack out but the rearly is that we pickt up about a train.

The train go faster than normal, i will spring of the Trolly even a Trolly can make noise so i do that the train go slowly and i see workers they have make noise too, so my yell is not heard and i heard them yell not. But i see them what can i do the worker has mine hornblast not heard. I go in a split second look on the Trolly for a brake pedal or somthing, if i do this not to stand still if it is possible than i hurt nobody and kill the man not. I look and i look but endless i have found, i pick him up so they say on the poke how this to do. So i follow the instructions and what happend he break of how now?

I took the shortist stick and pull him to me all my strenghs but helps it? I must harder and harder pull on the short handle, well helpd it. I’am a vieuw yards of the man, i hated to kill someone in mine wreel live. Also what i will finish The Temple Of Dome and i tried to make mine home work.

The yards between the man (worker) and i where still closer and i pull still on that short stick. Endless he get a littel bit slow but not mutsh if i do further nothing than i shall be hit the worker. And he could be deathly wounded if the traffic drive to 80 i look to the blasthorn  i found it and i put him on. And i whas still pulling to the littel stick of the pedal i would stand still i wish and i wish that it helps and a lot of praying to let come out mine wish.

What i not be for possible hold wash that he go slower and slower, i pray and i pray and i wish and i wish, that i’am not should be killid. I let my blasthorn heard 1 miles from him and endless he look, the ather 4 workers not they have again not heard. Honstly i did what i could but just 1 man should be very bad wounded or maybe died. I don’t like this 1 man i could be in prison i like that suppose it is just always mine folt so it is mine responsibilty thats a point there you can not say, its not mine responsebilty the judge should my give to guilty. I hate that, but i have done what whas normaly possible. But a mans live is more than you have drive 80 that is too mutsh 20 to fast. With a broken break pedal where i pull on go we slower God thanks and should i stop or not, the strengts in mine arm whas nearly gone, i feel nothing but i did my best to do what i like the best is, and that is hophely stand still before i hit the man. And i go drive sharper with my weel, i pull over the weel sharp to the wall so sharp that i the man not should hit only myself. And why did i this?.

I did it with the hope that i nobody hurt or very wounded or died, i hoped that only the Trolly and i should be have a vieuw partly clent, that whas my last thougt when i can not stopt on time for the worker the ather 4 they where not anymore on my way and where in mine opinion free of this accedent. Just 1 man are not i did evrythigh what whas possible, and yes i drove 80 that is to mutsh if someone died than it whas mine responsible and that do you have to take. Also as evrybody should be in live, if i get it on time to stand still, so i drove to the wall, and sharp too. And i go with a great clapdown to the wall. What i certnly and sure about the health for the man not very should be wounded let me just be wounded i want not a death man on mine consience have, so than myself.

But that whas not mine wish i could not evrything, anyway i have tried to became a accident. May someone be wounded or worse, than i shall help him and ican thelefoned the number what there for is. And i know that the police came and ather helpservants. But i whas still not yet to come stand still yes to the wall that whas mine only way out. The man who i will not hurt, it whas  nearly go so as i it want, but suddenly i slept in a toll and i toll and toll i heart a clap and i stand with the right side on the wall i whas dizzy and after a vieuw minuts i can get leave where i whas. I go look how worse it whas did i someone kill or is he only wounded, i hoped that there nothing wrong whas but you never know. Oké i saw a man who lay under the Trolly and the ather traffic must be stop and very becarful drive about the Trolly (the place of handling) the man lay there and whas still in 1 holding on his left sise. I field in and on his torax, i must listen and hear a slow hart, very slow i telephoned the number and say what happend, they sent the police and a ambulance i hoped the man should be in live. So i wait and wait in mean time i helpd the man i did what i must do, give help. On 1 think i make myself worry, if he should be a live, than how.


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