My Goals Are To Many

First i will thanks say to Tom he wash meeting people for a course, he said the same to me and i have nearly found someone. I waited for a mail when i can come. Thanks for this to say to me. Sorry that is the first thing were i will may beginning. I hope you shall read it.

Now mine Goals: In mine live i would be a actrice and why my haert goes there to, mine father find that rather a not good idea, but on school i have playd drama evry week you had lessons in writting a script and who playd withs caracter, so i like that and mine father say no. Look forward to someone else.

That whas hard and i has make a diffecult dission so i did not know because i hoped that he should say yes. I go work with animals and i like it, evry day i go with my smile on mine face on mine work. In mean time my father send mine first book what i have written to someone and if it is good the book (fiction) where give out. I’am proud of this when he told me, i had talent they say, go further with to write, you know i whas very young, 2 years after i begon write a prose and hophely with wise words what my father surprised, he liked it and it whas butiful, he sayd i did not know that you there also there talent for has and had.

After that i would be a famous writer, on mine one language and this language, and a ather goal whas i want a jude maybe after this writing of why i will writting and why in two language’s. Twitter and ather social media are in two language’s, the most is this Amerikan-English. So they can all see and read what i have written, and that set me to the computer and do my homework, with i get from many people. The writting in Amerikan-English is the most difficult goal with i did and still do. But i hope that i finally can get next year my greadiuate. With the help from Amerikan-English lessons i wait for a mail, tanks to Tom.

Further my goal is to help people the are do not good with there health, and they worry about the medicine, people with nearly a burn out talk too, to give points where they can fight for and take a rest on time, but we stay on line and i or mine husband shall informed the cliënt, and we still shall do or we have a holliday or not we ring to the person. The most of them are glad, if we ring, but they get help. They have not the idea that they are alone and that is very inportant for the person and for yourself. I give a link from a book what me has inspirated to go writting

20150724_102406 jjjpg JEPG

It is rearly that i whas home as a little child and i know what i want after a vieuw years when i whas been 12 and also on that age i liked a man who whas not bee a cryer also when he whas a little bit bleeding out of his finger. I don’t like that a man who whas saying Ohh it thus pain i’am hurt, well i look at the finger Mmmh thats nothting, a little bit man don’t cry for so littel wound. I don’t like a man who tried me on that way to ask for his girlfriend.


You know that i have and had a very nice holliday. It is very inportant for to go once a year on holliday, mine battry must than be loaded and from mine husband too thats not a crying man he is very hard to himselfand so do i. Do you have pain evry day that’s youre cruse or dessteny. On that island they work on sunday, i can’t belief it. But the Canarian belongs to Spain, but a Canarian belief not what Spain belief they are Katholic. The Canarian belief there own belief and that whas, what the first King belief from Gran Canaria nobody go to the churtsh there are churtsh for the toerists. I have never seen a churtsh inside but i think that the chursh for them self are meditatian are. To think and go back to them first King.

Also i would be a laywer so i know a lot about European Right and Social Right. That is comming from mine handicap on school they yell me and it whas not easy to me on the highschool even so but i must go to a ather class that helps. When you go for the first time to school and you are be yell, i thought i think you heart from me and sins i’am a laywer they let never somting heart from them selfs, it’s mine fight and i will win you must see me as a sporter. And i did on sport. In this last goal i belieft very muth before i did mine examen,  they want manipulated me i saw it and i say only (softly when the examen) give us also a cope of coffe or some thee, she lookt and she walkt on a moment the ather saw (they are with 2) that one look all the time on mine paper and i still waited when i whas raddy. I don’t like it and so i give a cripptecal sign to those 2 people that someone is looking on mine paper. I hoped and belieft all goes good i did mine examen and get the paper with a 10. Higher you can not give, so evrybody who yell me, i get now universety, i have learn for lawer. I will go and do mine goals. And yes i belief in the Univers. There happen thinks you can not see but i belief it.


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