DSC00007 - kopieThe healhs centers in ouwer country in the Netherlands  if you there under came for a tratment then think i that you in US of America further then we are. I have a strukle of life they strukle of life come´s to that when i whas young fom my 4 years old whas i get for the first time a epileptic ataq day by day and also in the night i have a lot of medication a boy who know´s that then whas the relation over time after time. I could hate evry boy they would put my down. And evry time hospital in and out if i begin by the beginning than shal we begin from my schoolperiod on a day i have to wate for the schoolbus, there come´s a boy he ask or he near me can sitdown, yes ofcourse he talkt to me i whas new on that school it douns´t care me this whas nicer to waite. But i told him about me i sayd i look after you the year whas nearly over than we´ve vakaktion. We have a lot of plaesure his parents and mine parents thought that relesion get over  but now we´ve two years tralveld to each ather with car with train etc. But on a day theire whas a clash between him and me and what he sayd whas ondussuseble no whas no and no it shall never be yes. If i mean that i´am in mine right whas i go not futher for what he whas saying i ask him do you what are saying yes what than i want to have you we get do it now so he say it whas a command a let me not take for a houker i sayd now it´s over now that whas not the only one. I may have a deatly ilniss but i´am not crazy. A command i will take you now. And what i will tell with or not good argument´s i put it down so i feel it. What i have presacly Generalzised Epileptic i can fall of mine special chair mine arms and legs trill and moved evry way until it go slow down and endless stops then i´am far a way in the beginning my haert go very quick to quick when it stops after 45 minuts or a ouer hofley i come back by the world so as he is or my haert go slow so slowly that it is better you call my dokter


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