Must We Play For Theatcher?

You ask in the end of your story, if we can see of you have make mistakes, because you whas at mitnight at work. Oké i make mistakes too but i think you can better go to bed, give your self rest. And yes i read it and i saw folts. On the title to see i suspect someone else but, you give a fiction. The title say nothing about the sory. I have learend the title must be good on the story that follewd, so i mean title and story must be are own. The title must prikkle for to read the story in this case, i wash not prikkled by the title. It wash worse i put it away, so from o no a war again. Thats not good. Are you story in Scotland or somiting else. There are things that i can regarnize soo. And you come verry late with the father of Bregda, it seems me better the names they are play in the storry they first to give a name and let come back in each draft you write. Sorry for mine critecal comunucation, but you wrote it by your self. That Shelaich speaks to Bregda that it her time of hunting is, i have there no conclusion by. Hunting what who on who on a animal, i can not see or read that. I told in mine story The Temple Of Dome also about a vision, get you inspiration from mine artikels? I speak also that the next invasion is comming from the North – Side. I should wreely know of this a remixt story is? I can it not ather explane to you and if it so is i’am glad that i give you any good artikels, where you a remixt story from can make and brought for ather classes. Maybe for next year. I whas on this morning for theatching (mine grammar) to get better, thanks to Tom. We get youre artikel and read it together so we came to the conclusion that you brought some artikels from me and mine theacher say, you may or you can say that to him. She read a vieuw articels from me and it whas not bat at all. So she saw the point and mine story’s that you should could have remixt i’am correct or not you say it too me? But some dreams come true did Shelaich noticed that? So about a vieuw years we should be a war again? I do not like this. You have more story’s from me and you have it just good read and you get youre paper and take the best articles and rewrote them. Or it is a remix. Normally we respect the author from who it original is. So that is what i read and after a vieuw ouer see, when i wash by mine theatcher for mine grammar, she read also articles from me and saw it too. I’am Sorry.


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