Pastors Have Also Feelings, But ISIS Have Not.

If we have a discussion about ISIS, than we have a long discussion. We know all about what ISIS will and shall do. So we have a discussion about belief, the Islam and the Katholic belief with not very outstanding is, because you ask me what i think to a Pastor and a littel boy who where sickness came back. It whas a deception for the little boy (so you named him Leo). What whas happend? Just 1 boy wahs not a scandle. But it wash not the only time, it happend ather boys to. How get you as Pastor youre hole live long get no sex, but the Pastor feel love, but he has only boys, (no growing up women) he may not married  it belongs by his oath to the pope and the church. It is not a honstly oath. You give youre self in youre Honestly to God. And when a Pastor lookt on the computer, for porno, that heart not under you oath. And they know that, but the feeling is greater than God they have told to do.


We found this a wrong thing little girls they where take, proportionnely  not good. For me it likes if they are cowards to take so muths littel girls. But a Pastor do this by young boys, they are even, evil and brute aswel. ISIS is a little bit cruwel, shoud that became by internet, how poor they have a mobile with twitter or facebook. Facebook is about here a site who wile get normal people and they are be very refined go to work. And if you say leaf me alone. They get a very hard preasure on you. So that you say oké i can belief in that, and you must read a Koran. That’s a book withs is a littel bit ather wise than the Bible that you and i know and have learnd out. So i think still, it’s comming from the Katholic bible. Jezus where killed on the cruise and ISIS will do the same, but now with normal people.


Than i say by myself how is it possible, and yes you do not speak about it, you shamed you have that not suspect from a Pastor. The boys would work for the church, but not so, on that manner. And the boy who systemetic (and ather boys) very depressed game back from the Pastor. Leo ask waht’s happend and Sam gives no answer, he ask God what did i wrong? Send me to hell if this is my dessteny. Some one else do thinks with me, and i don’t like it so if God it will is. Sam go talk with ather boys but nobody will talk about, what is is happend to them. Sam begon softly speak to Leo wath wahs happend to him and, because or this is normal?. Sam whas self to young to drive a car, so he can not away, and he would very glad away. So than can it happen him not anymore, he hoped. Lonny came in and heart what the boys softly has bespoken. He heart also what Sam whas unwilling must do by the Pastor. Lonny shockt and take Sam away to a ather room, Sam get it cold and warm together, but Lonny would sure about his story to Leo, and his feelings. That’s all. Sam must evrytingh explane again, so muths hurt on his soul, that you can not and will not speak about it, but Sam must speak to Lonny. Lonny ask who has hurt you? “Learn God about sexuality or to belief in God” ask Sam. “God ask to belief in him, and in nobody, ather God where you can believe in”. “And he ask not to do on sexuality”. “Explane me Sam”, ask Lonny. “The Pastor drive in the night from wednesday with me, so he stopt somewere and he begon about sexuality to talk and and later he did the further with his suits by himself and took mine suits and did the same, it’s normal heart to by Gods lessons. That is not normal Sam, say Lonny. Why punnised God me than so, it his, decision, you can fine talk but i don’t like this. Sam do not where angry. You don’t no waht happend. Inform me, more than that, ask not. Whas that the only time, no ask Leo him happend to, and me yesterday again, what happend. “Sorry i wont talk about it so muths hurt on youre soule do you have”. “Early in the morning i bring you at home, for a long holliday enjoy, and i go talk with the Pastor do we have a deal”? “Thanks Lonny do the same with Leo he is a victim too”.


The ISIS make on very different ways, they brought than fom people (who worked in that country) those people have a mobile to send messages to there homecountry to tell waht happend in that country. They work for the news or newpaper, so they have need that. If ISIS make a prisinor and hold him in detension, they ISIS get also the mobile and go look on his worksite. Than you see them on television with a great and angry speech. All the leaders of the country are waked up, so from o yes they are also in ouer case, this case must first. The only what they do in Europe is talking, but there is no action, that is very depression, there happend nothing, wreely nothing. And than say the people this is the furst case we do, but they have it about the boatpeople and howmany each land must take, and that is 125.000 people that’s a lot the most people are afraid, and why. Tell it i do not know, they are also people they look and hophly find freedom and get go to school.


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