Is It Terrorism?

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So you can see on the picture it is since 1492 where rob, steel and murder normal. If i go look to the picture than i think that the girl is in a museum of art and from a view century’s ago. The look on her face is fraitned and scarry to. She walkt around dragons and balsem people. So she lookt to soming in to a glass with is shinning and have glowe and has also a flament. It is ofcourse for the guard, so that nobody can steel it. But she think there any ather about it and would steel it, further there is a mummy from the Egyptian old – times. She walked carrefoul about, the balsem people, on her way to the mummy. She had enough light the moon or a ather planet wash good and full a flying UFO.

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If she has this moon than she should not be happy, the plan should be canceld. But she has luck, a lot of, there must be somting in that museum waht is from very wearthfull and bring a lot of mony into her one bankaccount. But that should be stupid are so if she do fifty% on her bankaccount and 50% for her self. If she can get what are she want to be, than should be the guards are  panic and are shocked, from how is this possible, it whas so good on guard and the shinning wash clompletly, evrything alarm. But she would have that she is looking for someone else. She must make hurry, there come clouds for the moon and the light is than not very good. She has leder clouses on with 3 knifes on her left leg on top of, nearly by her haunch. This live happend each day again and again, (with paintings with bring very muth mony on). Thus this is not new, the old dinosaurius lookt to and the mummy she can not see, she walkt with her back to the mummy and can put him on the ground. So becarfull goes she not to work. Maybe are more shinning gaerds with that make diffecult to steel, without the alarm to let go. It’s winter the chimmney are smoking, when she has stolen what she would have, than she has a lot of cold, and maybe what she get to, she must have some ather closes they are warm also for what she get with her. But she look’s always to the shinning glass, what into the glass is that want she have. Outside to see it looks like of there is snow on comming. The sky is chanching, and the people has it cold very cold, and the lady who is broken inn, has not mutch on her body from cloces. I’am not a thief so i can myself not good in this setting moveble. So this homework what you give to me is very diffecult.

Should She Walk To Shinning Glass Of The Mummy.

She only intrest to the shinning glass what are is standing on socle, but she can still not see the shinning guards, they let go the alarm. And the clouds are cooming for the moon so she can not perfectly see those shinning guards. And shall she go outsite with her booty, withs she will steel. She does a great walk to back and she walkt nearly to the alarm. And why have she not here speciale glases on, where she can see with the alarm litgh’s. No she lookt not out she to mutch bizzy with, that thing on the socle. And outsite it where still be worse. The museum-people know that there can broken inn. They have a top thing from gold, and is many, many mony wurth. And she know that to. She had good wheter for somewere to brake inn. But the chimmney’s are smoking aswel. The air could not where so as it whas, they make them stuff. The lady workt not on time that she get, for to come out with her buite. So she walkt about the socle, but she did one great step, and that whas to mutch, no specialized glases on, and she whas only intrest in the socle, that she not lookt out. But than she take all risk’s she heard the alarm, where she has walk too. She took the gold thing from the socle, now go all the alarmbells and the guards came to see, waths happening. There are more than 2 so she has to look out. The UFO has her heart and came pick her up. She get out of the window with no spors (fingerprints) or someting else. The guards came in and she go away with the UFO. And fligh away about the houses with there chimmney’s they have cold the people. But it doesn’t matter anymore they have what the would have. The guards don’t understand it, away and no fingerprints at all, they must look to somtingh else, maybe a littel bit of cloces. The mummy did they nothing with him, it whas his alarm that go on. No she workt not alone but becarfull whas she not. She must take risks, and in the beginning whas the dinosaurius also standing into her way. But she goes too home with the socle. And it look like of the dinosaurius her all the time would and could took into his claws. But a mummy it is also not nice, he should be comming out of his cabbin. Than you have no time to steel a socle with gold and youre UFO wash than not on time, where must you go. For who did she it, and why, is that gold for Syria so they can pay a Terrorist, or buy Kalasnikofs. It is even bad and steel is also bad, but if you do it for Syria then is it evil. She must be a evil haerd some tinghs like that do you not.


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