Cyrano de Bergerac

This is from the book, a French writer (6 march 1619 – Sannois, 28 july 1655) I know this, also i know there wash a musical from Les Miserables. The writer where i about speak, wash a poetical and a military. On his live based Edmond Rostand a sucsesfuly art of stage. They make a film with Gérard Depardieu. From Cyrano knew the people that he has a great nose. Most of the time wash it the meaning from a scienfiction story. Histoire Comique des États et Emires de la Lune (1657) and the next wash Les États et Empires du Soleil (1662). The work is full or airdriving, rearly and imunerable meatings and jude proces, they are a lot are. The hero where helpd by a lawer, who knows how it goes on the Aerth. Very deep discussions with Philoserphers about politics and economy with Plato, he has meatings. Even with Democritos and Descartes. The air – driving has placee in a woden – cabin, very light of wight, what totaly can closed. This all where on drive by a crytal and a sail that go on sunair. The flow of the stars were turnd on a energy wath wash recycled. So go the woden – cabin many and many miles.

Here in mine country they have made a musical from Cyrano de Bergerac.

Short it goes about a man who has a nose, with are longer than a ather people. Cyrano wahs feld in love on Roxane it wash his cousin, and he classicaly handsome but inarticulate friend Christian de Neuvillette who, unaware of Cyrano’s unrequited passion for Roxane, impose upon him to provide the romantic words he can use to who her successfully in mid-17th century into Paris. The Musical go (in Dutch) by Koen van Dijk. From the orignal book and lyrics he go where premiered in 1992. At the City Theatre in Amsterdam.

There are many Musical’s folwed.

The Phantom of the Opera at the moment played in Utrecht the Musical Withney Housten, he must be famous so as Withtney Housten wahs. The Bodyguard a very good movie and a very good Musical.


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