Aquino or Voltaire?

Voltaire say in his book Candide ou L’Optimisme, let that good see. He sayd “If we in it wrongly go belief than shall cruell – mistakes the eind of the beginning.”

And Aquino (Aquinas) begins with the law of wath you must belief.

  1. Wath short of law is it? Is it a written law or inprest of the memory from you haert?
  2. Wath will work, they mean is this too adjust or not?
  3. From the beginning: It must bee given from the beginning of the world?
  4. From the beginning until they end shall bee too the duration, until the world is ended, where not anymore live is.

So Aquinas has only asking’s. If he this asked too God, get he answer, i think from not. And why is God cruel so as Voltaire wrote. So like this: “The Aerth is full of people those are it not wurth to bee, that you talk to them”. There is no possible world and why there are so many beliefs that you can speak in  with God can i belief. And there is war in the middle east, even the Russian is going into the fight. And it begon with the reliegon between christian, and moslims and people who have a ather believe, than a christian or moslim.

And that is the first sin, with i have wrote. Voltaire wash his time very fast looking forward. Look i know evry short of people belief in there God and there are so many beliefs, but i like Voltaire.

If God creation the world? Sorry the job wahs to havey for God. Wash it than the Big Bang theory or not? Why is than war?, why is there hungry in ather country’s? That is not Honestly done by God. If he has a world created with, wash in balans. Or means he, the ather side of the world is the hel if you not dissurfe, you place in the haeven when you are be died.

It is his dission, he see what you do. Of you can hold you word to God what you have given or prommised to do. (belief in him and to obay) Evry prommis with you do, you must God let see, that you, you prommise do. He see evrything. Evrybody knows that, knew Aquinas that, i think not. Voltaire knew  that it the ather side of the world youre hel is. He wash travling to knew this. And his conclusion where be true. Evry day that we life.

It wash for the both one. The most angry wath i read is that the youngman Voltaire, by his teacher a Paradise where hold him into the mirror, he where indoctrinated by his theacher. He where indoctrinated with leibnizesque, Proffesor Pangloss. Wath kind of belief is this Leibnizesque, i see, wath i have read, You must you life turn on. And do the best “for the best or evry country’s of the world”.

So Voltaire wrote a book CANDIDE with is very sarcasm wrote by Voltaire. But he lookt to the vurture on facts with, traveling and things that go happen, they did happen a war with historacal happen, so as the evil who happend to Lissabon (Portugal)1755 aerthshock. The evil ar comming.

And wath answerd Aquinas in mine belief notingh. Aquinas has only questions he must the questions ask to God not too me i’am not a God who can answerd this. But mine answer should bee are: It is not adjust, if you will it let work. Or Aquinas belief very hard into his God. Where Aquinas a Christian or has he a ather belief. Aquinas has it about the law of Christianty, it cals: New Shipping Sacred-Texts. (Summa Thelogica) Aquinas has this wroten in 1947 why wash Aquinas so late with his book.? Hope he that he should get answer from his God where he belief in.?

I belief when i my God have seen, 2 or 3 years ago, he game too me. Wath you are read are wreely happend too me, say not it is not possible.

It happend as follwed, say not this are naive: There where problems so i walkt into the livingroom from door to window a view time, again and again, so i sayd God why did you, you work not good. I have here to eat and on the ather side of the world the people have hungry, it’s not fair, do you are on live, if it so is, stop the hungry on the ather country’s of the world.

And than happend:

I heart somtingh and i feel somtingh, looked me, i turned me too the window and i turned back. Here i’am, i saw a bleeding face, he sayd you look like on Thomas he belief not, i know who Thomas is he belief not that you are standing back for his nose with youre wounds. You say nothing anymore you have listen too me. He sayd neel on the ground, be quick. I did not but i feel a good and feld even a lot of pain into mine knie’s on the backside. he sayd “Kiss the Ground” mine head where to the ground brought, so i must kiss, i did why i do not know. “Well shall you pray too me shall you belief in me, shall you obay, you do wath i sayd too you and look out you make many, many sins, ask for forgifnis, i ask earlyer for forgifnis, He you must not come there in the ather country’s of the world. “Do you swear that”? “I swear” “Stand up and look in mine face it wash Jezus Christ himself. The crown evry where bleeding, the hols in his hands still on blood i could not see his feets.

This mine answer on the problem from Aquinas.

Voltaire lookt into the futhure and see the diffrend thing’s, wath shall bee happend, a war so as Voltaire are, has wrote about this problem. And would Aquinas belief in his one God, wath he has created in 1947.


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