Actally And Also History

I like gallery, but they are far away for me. Wath a very obstacle is, not that i it give up, but here are also exposisions in differnt art. You picture look or it is comming from a gallery it like for i some – know – ally. And the book, the most of the time are fantasy- or sciencefiction book wath handeld about people and dragons. There books are very succesfully.

Peter Adkinson where by the, to raise up of this compagny. They named it WotC expece for books. Magic is found out by Peter Adkinson and his team, Magic is the most playing game. Half the years ’90 buy WotC Dungeons and Dragons. In the end of the ’90 has they a new game on the market Pokémon.

The rights where buy, through (who knows them not) Nintendo it happend in 2003. WotC feld at the moment under Hasbro.

But one thingh, the Russian where the first one who shuch books wrote, before the second world war. If it wash written so as the state of Russia it’s would have, than can the public it read. There are a lot of books in this art so as D&D it have.


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