Traveling Back In The Time.

Hello Selayna, if i have good understood than i have to make a blog with is a little bit shortly aswel, and also traveling back in the time, well here we go.

Look of the story is true i don’t know, but i’am sure about that last one. It playd in Poland withs town i do not know.

The story is comming from mine Mother so she tell me (so i think mine handicap is a nightmare for her) that i have a uncle, who has that to (epileptic) she told that he has writing letters and mine Mother wash good on her English thus she translated evry letter for him. On a surten moment there came a letter “sent him to Profesor Olynick he is good he must go to Poland. So when mine Mother this has translated for him, he wash glad, but how came he there? We bring you to the train, can you come with me. Well she wash also a married women and she did not know of her husband go say, it’s good. (The story played before the second world war). So mine uncle go so soon as possible to Poland and go to the hospital with wash on his paper where written. After a lot of tests will Olynick operate him. It wash the first brainoperation in the human livetime and with sucses. This operation wash on secret and in a secret OK, he did this alone. Olynick risck his live and took this with him into his grave. Mine Mother has it me told so she hold her not on the secret with you have bespoken with the Professor, mine uncele has it with him into the grave, he hold his word. When mine Mother belief that he can help me to, i say ask it him. She did not never did she that, there wash a secret where she, her will hold on.

And we go now back to the futher i’am stabel at the moment. So i’am glad with it, but if i on sunday work than go it not good with mine health i must make a choose and i choose for a day free. I’am sorry for Tom but i read his post well, but sometimes he is very diffecult with his words and shuch long articles. Tom i’am sorry about that health is important for me. Professor Olynick lives anymore so, stabel is the best for me. I get this when i wash 4 years old, so you know more about me why i sunday not write.


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