I don’t like maths either. I like art! Proze, write storys and painting. The painting is familair to me. It’s from, or, old time. The time between 1600 or 1650. Thus a old picture. Oké you hates maths i’am either. Honestly i do not understand it. But evrything wath art is. Yes i like it. Books, History, Writing and Painting. And i like fingerpainting on wood. With i make rady for it. Some people offer on a painting. Wath they like butiful. I have no extra room. Where i could painting. Painting on wood. Than i make a lot of. Wreel art, are diffecult to make. I do not like computer painting. It’s not wreel. It’s not make by a human. Made with by a human. This picture are made by human. That’s butiful no photoshopping. That make no sense. By photoshopping it could be uggly. I have seen a half leg. That wahs a great mistake. And them let see on t.v. Just not yet on the cuver. But the photo wash horrabile. If you painting is not good. You can not make a photoshop. I write also proze. You have 2 seen. But i like to write too. So as you have read. By painting you must beginning again. That is also a challenge. The hole life is a challenge. Evrything waht new is. Or not? I think from yes evryting. The life is a challenge. So if you do art. That is a experiance. A experiance on them selfs. It’s the most diffecult art. If you do on art. Or waht kind about art. You are maybe famous. Famous when you are died. Mostly goes it so horrabile. It’s good so. But you family can bee proud.


Mijn blogs zijn bedoeld voor mensen die ouder zijn dan 18 jaar. Er kunnen namelijk wat schokkende verhalen tussen zitten. Maar ik heb nog een vraag ik zoek nog steeds een sponsor die mij wil helpen om deze blogs te kunnen uitgeven (autobiografisch) in een boek, graag een reactie?Geef een reactie

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