I Will Surprise You.

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/ce Nadezhda_Tolokonnikova_%282012-02-04%3B_Denis_Bochkarev%29.jpg

This lady is a fiction on her self. She is born on 7 november 1989 alias Nadja Tolokno. It’s a Russian conseptionel artist and a (very dangerous) political against Poetin. She where active in the again Poetin-punkband Pussy Riot. And wash before when she wash younger active with performance-artist of the groupe Vojna, that’s mean against war. On 17-08-2012 she where bee quilty found by religion hate feelings by hooligans, and disturbing or the law. In the Russian-orthodox Kathedral of Christ the liberator. Where she has get with any ather people on a punkpray. With singing and dansing where they about against Russian make free from Poetin. She where brought to prison for 2 years. The Russian Union of Solidarity, with his politic prisoners. The Russian State give that too, that Nadja Tolokno wash a politic prisanor. Amnesty International, cald her conscience-prisanor, between “the hardand mean reaction about the Russian authority.


Tolokonnikova is a philosopher student on the State universary of Moskou. She has a relation and is be married with Pjotr Verzilov. They have a doghter. She get a state of to stay from Canada, her husband has the Russian and the Canadian nationality. 2 passes.

On Statge And Protestsongs.

Tolokonnikova is sence 2007 she where active in the politic artic for artistcolombain with wash cald Vojna. Tolokonnikova where one of the Vojna people that’s wash into 2009 for the judge again curator from the Andrej Sacharov-museum disturb, and for judge stood for organisated from a art in forbidden art. Also she did go with a view apart action’s that wash in january and february 2011, wath she not know wash that policeofficers on street and into the undergound stations unsespect where give a kiss. Those actions where done by Operiation Kiss Dirt, with the finger sloan to the Russian musor (dirt) for policeofficers.

Arest and Suffer.

From indicating of the punkpray into the Kathedral 21 february 2012 where 5 days after a convict case opend against the band of pussy riot they did helpt with actions. On 3 march where Tolokonnikova and a ather Pussy Riot by Russian authority’s arrestet on charge of hooligans. Both wimen say no somting with pussy riot to make have. They are begon the groupe with a hungerstrike about against there prisoner and she where feld away from young kids. On july the 4 they where formel on charge officiëly from 2800 pages. There where say that the Canadian authority possible could be the Russian asking for why it’s a Canadian women. But the Canadian did it on the last moment not.

Punnishing to Prisanor

After her chugment of quilty on 17 august 2012 was Tolonnikova the rest of the 2 years first wash she in a punnismentcollony for wimen, IK – 14, in a little village of the repeblic or Mordvië. 23 september 2013 she goes in hungerstrike against the bad surcomstances punnishcamp and between the personal. With her with the death sould have betrayd. In a open letter about the surcomstancesin that camp, wrote she that wimen have no rights and the prisanors between 16 or 17 h. a day must working and some 4 h. sleep, one in the 6 weeks you have a day free. The end of september she where brought to the hospital from the prison, after a week in hungerstrike too be. On 21 oktober 2013 where she brought to a ather prison. Where she a view weeks wash , still unknow. On 5 november where sayd that Tolokonnikova wash brought to IK – 50, a camp 300 km. of Krasnojarsk into Sibiria. On 15 november has she endless contact with her husband, with a video connection without prison hospital.

Her Case And Her Amnesty

On 12 december say the Russian High Judgement that a aspect “rancour” not by fact wash proved and get the case back to the judge Moskou. On 23 december where Tolokonnikova as Pussy Riot clan Maria Aljochina amnesty give on ground of the new president Poetin signt the new groundlaw and have a party of the 20 birthday of the Russian groundlaw. On 27 december has Tolokonnikova and Aljochina give up Pussy Riot not anymore on stage are. They could and would a humanright organisation for political prisanors to help in Russia.


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