When I Have Enough Mony.

When i have enough mony, a long time you have to work on a dream lets gomming out. I would once in mine lifetime make a journey about the world. It likes me diffecult enough, but we do this. Next year on 31 august we go to start, i will start to the suith and than going to countrys near suith Afrika, the safe Countrys. From Spain to Mauretanië and the East and Sahelcountrys. I have in evry country a gide who speak with me in English so i can understand wath the people sayd to me. When i wash younger i would do this and travel by boat a cruiseboat. Than the war game (Falklandcrises) between Great Brittain and Spain. That’s wash pitty i have only mine visa to hold up. They give it not enymore there wash war. So we tride again. And i’am on mine way and, from evry state i will see the most rearly uggly or famous village, town. The village must have sometingh athers then ather village have. So we must travel with a horse there are no ways where you can drive with you car. Mine gide has arranged 2 horses for one person, the second horse carried youre stuff, with you have need not more. Than he say oké i have found, somtingh rearly for you, when you are be scared or angry than is the mission completed. Let me see wath you so rearly found, i’am not quick scared, afraid is some one else and angry no i go for the pope not out of the way. So you are sure that you this will see? Yes i’am, bring me there. The horses have a long way walkt, and no drink, they have need somtingh to drink the gide know this too. A littel lag we see and we give the horses some rest and, walkt to the lag, for to see that the water is good (no oil or ather things wath not good is for a human and the horses). We game back, we could the horses let drink there. So we drink there and let the horses also drink and they are fursty, they drink a lot. But we go further, the gide say “you go to see the village so as you has ask uggly, i still stay here”. And they get on the beggining of the village. He stand still and no milimeter walkt the gide further, good i go look “yell me name when you are afraid wreel afraid”. “That’s good Lachaim”. I go alone the village in and look evrywere, i saw no people how could that?. I ask myself. I wash surprised that nobody is home i lookt evrywere no click no wind, but you can see there wash a storm, but that wash a storm a long time a go, wath has distroyt the village. There wash a very heath sun, i get verry heath, the drops of mine head came down from mine face. I go look on wath likes on a saloon, i get in, i walkt on the stairs. Wath you can see as stairs it wash old and you go nearly to the stairs, nearly broken, but i go. I look inside “folks where are you”? “Get back now it could, if you are make the most rearly things out of youre life”. “Who are you waths youre name tell me somtingh”? “You have one minute on time to get back it’s not save here”. I did not. In a view time it wash maybe a second and evrywere came people, out of the street out of the ground, i walkt further and evrytime that i further walkt i saw people came out of there houses out of the ground and i walkt in the heath of the sun. Mine swetdrops where bigger and i go no away. This have i never seen. But than come a heath thingh to me so as a man workt with for new shoe for the horses. I will jump with mine horse about the hot from burning work wath very old is. I see that mine horse that not can make. Pitty i cald the gide his name, he came not again Lachaim. Wath than happend i don’t know. I fly into the air and i saw the village none people evrytingh this wash very rear. I understood why he (the gide) not into the village will. But for me wash it a goshtvillage.


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