Can We Trust The Police?

I do the same for mine husband, and mine 2 childeren, i would not that them somthingh unfair betraid, or somtingh do me and my husband wath on things they are not true. And they no that to, i say please too mine husband and ask him don’t do enytingh. He ask why let me do, if i must suffer than it is so i it for mine cilderen and mine husband. In side mine head it go very quick to see the situation where we are in begin and should be ended. If that is horrible i go not agree, his disapointed and sayd you think only of youre self you are egoism. Than i can him somtimes somthingh do, but i sacrifice myself on different ways.

  1. I give mine help if he can win it with arguiment and than i go help him.
  2. He has not enough arguiments and we stay 1-1
  3. I win and i found he must go back and give up his idea.

Last time he has won with his idea, i must myself give as a slave and work for him evry task that he ask or i can help him, so i must.

And yes i belief also in Jezus Christ i have a lot to do wath the Lord sayd wath i must do, so i work evry day for Christ, even as many ather people they belief in Christ. I see it as a task too do wath the Lord (Christ) you told to do. And you have that to do, evry day are diffrent.

I can perceived are when it is on bussnis, or it the authority is or not then i can verry perceived are, if it is not need i do it not, if it is needed than i do that. Mine husband do not like this, if it is need i do it, i answer him the most of the time. You walkt with your nose to the door and than you came the wrong person that you have ever, come again. So he will warned me all the time. Mine sholders go up and down, it does’t care me.

So i have no trust in the police and why there is a mol a great one laggech, a great hol in the police with working, with criminals. Horribole it is not good the man think only of them self, egoism wreely egoism and 18 athers also egoism and than one they has arrested the 18 athers they are looking for, but they found them well. Criminals can buy the information and that is horribal, so can i trust them any longer, no that is mine meaning, but they must now suffer – and them selfs sacrifce, i hope the judge shall do that, when the man for judge must come. I would, sorry for mine thinking let the policeofficer sacrifce i will let feeling him. And than back to his prison, no post, but i give him a bible, so he know that Christ sayd to me, he will not belief in me let him feel and give him the bible, than i can come to him. and than he knows why that is happend. Give him the page from poor Job. Job wash poor but has a monoloog with his God, also mine God, and Job has sufferd, but he won it. If we do somtingh folt than let the police stop us, and we must mony pay for wath we did folt. And year after year he can help the criminals, must we trust them?

No i trust them not any more, the 18 athers where are they about the border, i believe that. The press will more know from this, they cold it a incidacial wath not true are. There wash more before this, that the police killed not quilty people on street for the kick i hope from not. Is it for the kick they must suffer to. And the 10 both of the bible see You will nobody kill. I think that evry policeman not see a bible. But i will them let suffer when Christ me tell to do that.


Oké people they have visions and know wath go happend they say “sorry that person is grazy”. There are people they have visions i ask “how do you know that”, if it is somtingh personal wath nobody can know. And my intrest go very far in it short from history to belief in Christ and the suffering of Christ. Actually those intrest are a littel bit rear it is good food for a psychatrist than you came under the pills back “you have voices in your head”. That is his conclusion when you are honstley are with him. Ohh no let me live so as i’am a human can you not change, only your self when you know wath are you can and not good can or not can, than we can asking for help. You can only change youre self youre character, mine character is a lot of changed i’am easer in mine mind not so chaotic. If i have a story in mine mind than put i the story so on paper so it come’s If it is not a good story well i’am sorry for that, but i read evry story back if i can with a flow than i’am a littel bit feeling good. I’am a perfectionist i will wreely evry thing wath i will do good do, i know now that it is inpossible. I have to deal with it, and i know that 1000 words have to write when you see the blog. Evrybody who is born on Aerth shall also get to die. That wash the slogan of mine father. And that is true. We came with a task, and the task must we find out and if we have ouer task than Christ say “come home it’s good so”. And we do wath he ask, ouer live long.


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