Answer On Youre Blog.

I’am never been a coward, and yes i can sometimes be a jealous person, but than you have a long time to wait. I’am a controlfreak, but i shall never with intention to ignore, only when it’s need (betrayd from mine work, where i near on died). But i can take the control back, and i go away by mine work, i have more to do.

I have read youre article. You hurt me on mine soule. So i try to write back. Normaly i take sunday free. And you know why.

One thing mine character, would definite by mine handicap and medication, many dockter told me that. If i this not had, i’am a ather human.

But i give you one thing, i’am so cold as ice, but i do ignore mine work still, i hated them. Mine husband must go to mine work and say “so go mine wife to death do you like that, and you make me a widow”?

And how do you think, you can help me?. I must do it alone, and i have a lot workt about my self. I have a very discipline life. The arts give me that (it’s a order, it’s for mine health). Stand up 8 h (Netherlands time) my medication, shouwer etc. 12 o’clock (Netherlands time) medication eat etc. 22 o’clock (Netherlands time) medication, took a shower and go to bed.

Feelings yes i have them, but i put them away, you can never see when i have emotions, but i have them, mine husband see not that youre article did hurt on mine soule.

I accept mine handicap, maybe make it me a blackmailer? I do not know, but i did not ask for it. Time to ask on 14 octobre, than i must back to the dockter.

And yes i do on medition, when i go to sleep 15 minuts, long enough, and i have a good sleep, evry day i try to work on my self, but not evry day is the same.

Point 3 is wath i try to tell, mine emotions are very deep in me, but i knew happines, i knew and why i cry, between there i have passion to go for it, wath i will do.

Oké also i know that this years and years can happen, before i’am maybe a littel bit authenticity. One thing i can my self good defense thus i do not know or this is need.

And i’am pieces, they are mystic aswel, you never know wath you have on someone they have or is born with pieces. They let never see wath they wreel on problems have and how they fixed it, nobody se it nobody knows it how you have fixed. Mystic i’am verry good, it’s me more than one time sayd.

I know some things are wrong on me, i say not that i not help will, but i ask  how will you do that, you are a writer or bouth? I have dicipline i will see it youre douchebag.


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