I Go Back To Mine Work.

So this article is not a fantasy, but historical, wath wreel happend.

  1. For mine work and surtenly for the boss, wash i a Character Archeypes. I know to mutch they diden’t know that i’am a lawer. And when you are has meatings with the boss, than he don’t like it, he wash angry and afraid for me. And i wash not afraid for him. I have told how he go with people, there follow on strikes. And i wash a engineering-worker. I know mine boss but he understood nothing from engineering. So i did and get also the order too that the modern engineering would do wath they must do.
  2. It look’s my diffecult to let see mine own knowitall, mine indentaty the wreel one it shall be hurt. But i have it done on mine work, when i workt, i do not work anymore, yes from home. From mine workchaimber and i like that.
  3. The boss is still mine dockter he can tell me wath good is for me to do. But he has also a co-worker, he works very hard but make not any dissisons, and if i ask him to do, then he sayd no i go to youre dockter, he tell evrythingh and the dockter come with him to me and explane evrytingh again.
  4. Meatings you can bee verry tiered from it. You have a dry mounth so the most of the time a have a bottle of water with me. And evry human that there are lookt to me in the beginning i do not like it. About the years it go away i knew that, that they commonly used tool. Also when i back to mine work they commonly used tool too. And than i don’t like it.
  5. We must on mine work a code of conduct follow in classes from 10 or 12 person’s, i get mine examination and the paper that i have it done.

So i know wath i can say and can not say, i do not know if you read mine post yesterday, i do this normal not writing a blog on sunday. There are people who will also a free day and that could bee on mine eyes.

I hope youre questions to be answerd, well i see you reaction.


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