Mine Blog Is That A Movie?

Hello Tom, i have read youre article, you live in the UK i’am correct or not, i live in the Netherlands not far a way.

But i wrote a view month ago (you can found it on mine site) The Forgotten Kingdom. You rember it? Well i do, but i have a question, in the UK shall be a movie (it like on a remake of mine blog) i read it in the newspaper.

They called it: The Last Kingdom, but the newspaper write where it about handeld. It’s strainge it look like very mutch on mine blog. Will you read that blog “volgutopia” it handeld a view centurys before christ.

It handeld about a war between Portugal and Spain they want bouth have Gran Canaria, the harbour of Las Palmas (for the marine and bussnis) The Spain win it but they have a Kingdom North have the oldest brother and the ather half of the twin have the Suith.

Will you read again that blog, and look it to the movie when he is out. The newspaper write that it goes about a dramamovie and that is correct. They will not will be, by Spain they have there own party, the birthday of the twin is a great party and evrybody has free.

But Tom i ask you that you are a writer and can very good commonly used tool also mine articles. But Tom normaly you do the blogs on sunday and i had choose, just one free day. And i do that for mine health i can not to long look on mine screem, thats not good for me (epileptic) and i have tomorow back again to mine arts.

But if it is so if i think so that it is that they have read mine blog and found good for a dramamovie, well i don’t like it they steel it. Why i’am than blogging not there for. I wrote 2 books 1 vakation book and 1 that handelt about my self but who will give it out? Nobody or how do you handel that. Also i have 2 pages with proze. And if i have inspiration than i write them page aftter page. You have seen some proze. Years ago i put them (the proze) away, mine husband say put them not away, you never  know. And yes i see. Wath i wrote they make a movie from it. But i’am the author, i’am the writer from it.

Do they see not anymore a original name by it standing from who the blog is and with site that is. You can that see correctly or how do i thinking about it this is a actually point wath i have between a blog and make a movie of it. And i get no rollaitys wath that now. Or find you that you, that i’am struggeling with mine knowitall? Do you write evrytime so long 10.000 words is that a mistake or so mutch inspiration. Wath mine commonly from you blog is they have so mutch diffecult words and long diffecult words i can not help it, but i have three times to read for i can say yes i understood wath he is writing. But some words i must looking for translation.

Sorry that i that sayd with this blog to you and a lot of askings i know it, but i can ask you, you can look of wath i think is true. And if it is true, wath can i do nothing or somethingh. Wath could that bee? Hophely you will react to me but on sunday? It is that Mister Mastgrave send a blog that i’am a coward misplacet i’am sorry ignore that is not mine intention only when it is need yes than i do it. And jealous you can long wait for that happend. No i wash not glad with that thus on mine free day, i hold evry creativty out of mine body to write him back and wath i did into a blog from 502 words point for point i workt they and give a answer.

And now i answer i you, you think that i that not do but i do mine best on it this where mine questions for today. Hophely you can here somethingh with it.

Hophely, Hophely, a blog you can see this blog doubble.


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