Mine Bankaccount

This blog i have write earlyer when i followed the class of Mister T. Mastgrave. Now he ask 1 blog were is emotion and pretty good to remake a own story, a story wath mine story is.

So i have choose for the bad economy and the bankrupt from mine bankaccount.

I try too make a appointment with the man they have a lot to explane to me. But he would not listen, and why i do not know, but own’s i wash into the town, and he to i sayd “must it on this way, it wash not need agree”? He put his head down and lookt to the street, his face are red of shame. He must do that from the highoffice. I say further “let me you never seen again working on a bank you shall than hang”.

I walkt further and try to forgot him it go not, i speak with mine husband he sayd “how is it possible that he walkt into to town he must work or is he not working anymore has he work”? “I don’t know it is his folt, he has evry time a appointment refuest.

At home i go look on mine computer i see that tere is somtingh not good with mine bankaccount, i ask for printing wath he did and mine husband will see his bankaccount so we lookt i say “ask for printing” he did but ask not how. But we have the papers we go look and sometinghs you miss wath on youre bankaccount ather thinghs are three time’s bookt to the same compagny thats not normal.

So begon mine bankrupt account if you have no account anymore, they have also a delete-button and they have brought him by 100 people. The bank wash falling down they get nothing from the state. Ather bank has to mutch cost to mutch money but they are bigger than mine bank.

And for me they may make a great fall. They have rupt me and minne husband and with us 98 persons than you come on hundred persons. I have cryed very mutch cryed how is it possibele that a bank refusted a appointment, how many time’s you ask. No no time we’ve very buzzy so that is the only what i get. But i go to there i get in and i ask a explanasion from the man.

I saw he wash buzzy to delete youre bankaccount i shockt and say “wat are you doing man mine bankaccount put it back imidiatly, i stood on it, i have no mony anymore”.

“I want a talk with you now”, but that wash nothingh the devil wash on him, i good nothingh do anymore.


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