I Like Ather Movies

I have seen, just enough for me a movie Mad Max Fury Road well may i ask to you into wath kind of century do you life. You like, but do not loved the movie only like. So wath i have told early in a view blogs, i look critecal to evry movie to art on stage.

When i wash 25 or 26 i wash jury for art on stage and they know that there are jury into the ather people where, but where they did not know.

But Mad Max Fury Road sorry it is not mine movie if you ask with movie wash the best you have ever seen, than i say Rainman butiful and they end they have a littel bit open so you can discus, philospher or somtingh else.

A movie must bee good from the beginning to the end, the movie with told a story must you be take on youre haerd, that you sayd this is a good movie. And then you go talk i go listen wath somebody else found of the story with they try to tell.

I do not know if you Rainman ever has seen so mutch time great acteurs who with there bouth make the movie. That wash a movie his time far forward. Normaly about such things may not talk about.

Sorry that i’am that say but the movie goes about Autism. If you not know what that is than you must see the movie, i hope he is on videotape thus maybe you have a chance.

What i also great find wash the movie that a boy may him self not let oppereed into his brains. His parents say no, but he wash 21 years old, he make his dissision by his own. On law to see. He let it come for the judge weeks and weeks for the judge, but by fact say the judge the boy may make his own dission. He gammbeld and won he gammbeld with the operation and won. It is now a normal human.

And wath i also like is the space i give you a link for mine intrest, if go look or not the special effects are better than into Mad Max fury road, sorry that i that say.

I like this if you are curious then you brought the link. And than you see wath i like to see, this make me curious and the and is still open. And go we than back to the time from Mad Max fury road, back to the stone time or further back. It could be worse a new ice-time. If you the link brought than you see wath i see, just a propebly time.

It is not mine intention to say sorry i don’t like it but taste are diffrent so i think. You like it but, it is not mine taste i give three movies, three with a open end and that do i like.

And i like this to write this blog. I hope that you somthingh with this can, with mine opinion.


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