A Women That Are Bee A Queen

Hello Mister Mastgrave, you have right the week is nearly over, and you have still problems with math. You have a good wife who helps her husband. I had that too when you have a alpha brain than is evrithing diffecult in math. Mine husband go sitdown evry day a view ouers for to help with this problem math.But you ask from me to make a fantasy story with playd in backworths time. I hope for you that i can make from a wreel story a hophaly this is a challenge appart wath i want to do. Writting a book and writing blogs, the book goes about the economy and the creative bookkepers. And after that i want to write a book about epilatic into normal words, so that evrybody can understand it.

A great country has no throne follower not a boy. It wash into the time or 1700 that a boy his father should follow up for the throne. But from a ather kingdom sayd i have just one for you if she married than became she the King a women a King no. No she must give Pjotr a boy than you are saved youre Kingdom. The girl has nothing to tell, but she make that after all good when her husband wash died. The girl don’t like it a ather name and a ather belief, but she must and why, for peace with that great war-carving country.

And why did a ather Kingdom offerd a girl for wat they tought peace. That wash not true, she wash a verry clever women. She became two sons but with the oldest one named to his father Pjotr the familyname. She can not good found with him. And he not with his mother and he shall evrytingh do to his mother bring into or give his mother to political outlaw that she isen’t capabel for this job King of the great Baltic State.

But it goes her verywel good she people who are very influence, also on the politics or they must forward or backwards. She wash a great tactic and wise for her time.

When a revolution came she clapst down with hard suit and arrest the man who wash this begon. Into a case he were bring to the capital city where he no procces had imidiatly where shot down, the street wash full of people, people may come have a look. The head or the Kingdom, a women in this case Catlin II.  She took the free word from the people so she checkt evrything. This happend after a revolution with she has sayd that roemers are going that her husband wash grazy. And she has two sons that wash enough, a grazy man can not good do his job when you have a great Kingdom as  the Baltic states.

The people are not glad with a women on the throne so they try a new revolution. But she wash not grazy she had a letter from Voltaire a great philosopher so i think and they write to them and he to her. And as the minister from outlandscape came back and give a letter to her, there wash a ather letter for the revolutionman, so the good read wath Catlin II her plans are.

But there were also speculations that both childeren not are from Pjotr, but from highman who came on the palais great aswel, and why has Pjotr that never has seen that his women are not true with him, but with officers of the army and the man from outlandscape also that minister why did she that, can Pjotr make no childeren, but that he should betrayd by his own women, he should never thought.

But the good things that she do wash evrybody let give a injection again the most angry sicknis, ilnis, she go as exprimantal as first, when she after two weeks are not be sick, ilnis, then came the people for the injection. The King were not sick/ilnis so the people try it they are not anymore afraid. So she give the mony to build a university where kids can have lessons.

But that can not refuised a revolution with still by some people lived. But the time from her death came as a great freedom and it can not be a party Pjotr her oldest son should crownd to be the new King (of he there cabebel for wash) the people wait for it wash he not than must he so quick as possible from the throne and the people has it for to say. They knew evryting about his mother Catlin II and there are a enough scandals to make to Pjotr from the trhone to pick off.

Most of the time wash Pjotr who wash named to his father not in his own country and his brother Alexander did it well for the people. The revolution wash a littel bit burning, but not so hard enymore than that the people it has under Catlin II. Thus this wash better, Alexander prefure first scool and than work if scool an work same can by the universty and the boss where you work that found he the most important.

And evry jong boy from 16 years old must go into the army. That understand the people not he say “you must go for youre people and you fight for fatherlandlove”. He say that open and the boys say it’s a oner to fight for mine country thus evry boy go on his 16 to the army they came out when they are 18 years as great boys, they have time to learn to 25 and than you study must stopt and have youre diplome.

If Pjotr own a year came back in his country than he spoke and read a lot he would a great marine-ships. The people saw him better go than stay it brought Alexander on a idea to class for it to the universety than he has people for to make the ships. So far so good. That wash only wath Pjotr into his Kingperiod has done.


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