No Inspiration.

Thats horrable when you have no inspiration. Yesterday (sunday) i must write a dialogue thats hard and the same time i workt on mine book Economic and the creative bookkepers. But i have for mine done working hard and i have a view pages at writing, so i found it good. So in the mean time i have someone meet on mine social media Google+ and he knows what epileptic is. I hope afterall to make a book with him. We shall look they shall find. But a dialogue that wash wreely different to me “how must that do that”, “between two persons or a groupe”? So many askings and i can not finger after this problem.

To come back to youre ask:

Oké i wash shockt when i heart that somebody in the family has cancer, but the person can help it, it comes or it comes not. Hospital in and out. In the beginning he can still do his work but on time take a rest. We heart only on the thelephone sometimes from him. But his voice is gone, you must good listen what he will saying and verry long you can not make it. We make us truly worry about him. Then mine family has someone get on older age epilepsie and that is rear on older age epilepsie. It strokes with the healt-evedendece that you can not on older age get epilepsie. That confusioud me and it shocks me too. On older age.

Bouth people are intelligence one has workt by the army after that he workt into the pharmaceutic (to make pills etc.) The ather were computeranalitic. So you must a lot of GREE have about this work to do. But evrybody has a good job and some are frustrating when they go a a littel bit, some more than a littel bit diffecult when sombody has right on his pension, if they are on that age. And then they come to me for advice how is this by law. “How do you think”? “With year you are born”? Well they tell me and i come the most of the time to the conclusion, that the person who came to me 3 month a new one could work into the bissnis how and with works. And when you have a meeting.

But we can do of we are grazy.

Look if we do that when the family is togheter all of them. Then we can do of we are grazy, for ather people it look like so. But we enjoy on a hihg level, there we begins, if everbody get and have pickt up the same level than we stardet. Ather people ignore us. Then we do a step back. It’s a level that nobody can understand. I have somebody ask why they can not follow me of the ather from mine family.

That will not say those people are grazy:

I have seen here a boy from 8 years old. The give him (by expirimental) the microfoon and go asking on the red carpet, with acteur the best is exept the name of them selfs. He did it better than normal person, that there also whas the kid whas quick and have good questions. So this kid could be a high-level. You must kids not misunderstood, with tablets, laptops are for the kids old they want the newest of the newone have they do not learn only on the newone. And i put mine blog on a old laptop i’am bissy to get my mony for the newone (new wreely new) so i have need a lot of mony. Nobody from mine family knows that i writting blog’s and try it to do in American-English. And that is hard. But you never to old to learn somtingh else. Somtingh wath you like to do. Only mine mother in law know that i this doing. But i do not know if she understand it and why.?

Mine husband give a tip:

So mine husband give a tip he say, “if you all you work do into a great ordner map, why do you not publish it by a firm that will that do that”. “It’s a great idea but do you know to find a publisher? i have a lot of boxes full. Evry blog that i have typt they let i come on mine internet email printet aswel. But the tip of mine husband i like that, but then i have a great thik book maked. And there are so many emotions in it wreely mine emotions. The one better make a script from a ather where bad. Some of the blogs i wash not evry time glad with. But it wash away it wash publisht i can nothing do about it.

If them it should told:

If i mine family should told i can think i on a lot of critacls, maybe 6 persons together wat do you mean let somtingh see and if i pick up the boxes with mine work, i’am even how rearly it’s afraid what should be the commend. I’am not sure than about myself, maybe i can get help from a good corner. If you this will do that, mine son has wrote a book in English so he can maybe help. Do you wreely like it they should ask me that a view times and i like it. I know that i make still folts in the grammar, it’s sometimes for to cry i know and i have hard to work if i mine dreams will make true.

Evrybody has dreams:

Evrybody has dreams what he wants to do, rear is well that nearly evrybody is creative one singt and make picktures, a ather let see it food how creative you can are, the ather stiling into a house and i like this. So we have all ouer own thing that we are will be doing after ouer work. I have think the most dreams, but of they come true i do not know.

But the persons are weak under us:

They is it after all in the beginning go good and you can normal speak with them, but on a surtenly moment, what you have is what you get, to carry on with you, until you died. I try realistic to be, but i know it’s to dark for you, shortly i tell somtingh about mine family. And i’am maybe dark person, you make you worry.


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