I Like To Write.

Hai Tom, are you seriously curious, i go try to tell you what i have done, and why i do like it writing books.

Look i’am not a multitasker, but i shall tell you in next order with i have done on catacory order.

  1. I have write a book for ather people, it go on mine own life with a open end with the meaning that i can make a second a part II from the same book with new things about mine life.
  2. I make a vakation book this is well by someone give out, the first not and i do not with and whom it will be do.
  3. And i’am now bissy with a book that handeld about the economic and his creative bookkepers.
  4. And after this, if i have clompeted mine last book (economic) than i will write a book about Epileptic the most people don’t now what it means or what happend and what you can do, as a normal human.
  5. Oké Tom it looks like of i’am obsessed and a multitasker are but i try on mine 12 years old and mine first book (a dtective) came true in daylight from mine hand when i wash 16 years old wash, on that age i has allredy epiletic ataques. So there is nothing changed, but mine work wash all the time a stay in on the way for me. That ask always mine attention i wash not somebody i wash more than that. But that can i maybe explane in Help Wath A Nithmare!!! I have it so named it wash verry intens to write about youre self.

It looks like grazy wath i’am doing, you have right about that. Tomorow i go look to the stars a program that let see if there is or life in the univers. That ship is specialiay build to go to a komeet and make pictures from anywere. It’s based on sunpannels were he can get electricaty. And if i have good read you have also intrest to the Univers. Well i go look it tomorow.

But books writing go well but have a someone give it out that is a bigger problem for me. How do you that if you finished a book?  They do us not know if i’am truly you name must are knowed and they must can trust you, i think that, that the problem is anyway i heart from you. And i hope that i have can make clear for you that i’am not a multitasker, i write because i like it and i can mine emotions put in the story with i will tell. I saw also emotions into youre article, if you don’t mind that i say that. You can better somtingh do wath you like and have fun in youre life, then depressed that you somtingh must do and you do not like it, than you are far a way, you have years need to recorver and have fun evry blog that i’am writing. Wreely i like this.


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