Revieuw on a Novel

My favorite novel is from the story wat i have read The Godsmurderes, for her time she wash her time far forward.

I go this read the title make me curious, the first 3 or 4 pages are diffecult to read, it wash stuff. But i read further so there wash a party the birthday of Valerie Graf and her brother Simon from Ottobrunn (the story playd in Germany). Anna Kalkman who has wrote this detective. She make the story all the time exaiting to shokking and the story with she has wrote get you all the time into the story. I found own of the best wath i ever have read. And make a revieuw for the newspaper. She write very good to the highpoint, but that is not all evry time happend somtingh new.


Valerie and Simon are sister and brother they have a detective-station. But Simon has to go into the army, he did not like that and go to a Police-station to learn more then he almost know. So he had no armyduty he somtingh else for the people. He learnd a lot of when the time he wash ready with the scool-acedemic he helps Valerie.

Simon get it over:

Valerie ask a vakation for just one week, and she get that. Simon has to take over wath he did, and the nasty for Simon wash his wreel chef, also a woman. But Simon did wath he could. He had with telephone contact with his boss, Malina, Malina give’s him a lot of tips from her vakationadres.

When Simon heart nothing about Valerie:

After a week Valerie her vakation wash over found he post on his desk. Valerie is belongs to the missing persons. No letter from i want 1 miljoen dollar or if you me that not give i sent you a finger from her neither a peace of hair. Nothing at all thus Simon did not know were he must begin to shearch he had this not expactet.

So Anna Kalkman write to the second highpoint:

Simon did a emercency-phone to Malina his boss, but she come not back “i have bookt for 3 weeks so i stay here”. Simon on turn “but i can’t found her there are no spors no fingerprints no letter no nothing at all”.

Malina came back:

So Malina give up her vakation and came back, better say she came earlyer back. How Malina and Simon have lookt to or the death body of Valerie, it’s never found. But they do not know wath the police has found. Simon gives himself and found him self quilty that this ever can happend. He would not let see to the outside world but his boss Malina saw it that Simon was struggeling with this problem. Wath i have read and i make a review, and now i try to rewrite mine favorite novel.

This story playd in Germany

This detective write by Anna Kalkman, has a forward to see, if you look how it go.


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