How can be a man in this case the father of Bregda get a vision, it should be six dark journey’s but Bregda should be a lot of cliff’s. And her clan belief still in her.

In the middele of the dessert:

In the middle of the dessert begon the war III? And is Bregda as the anemy or better wapend or as the same as her invaders. But there wash no jungele a dessert is somtingh else but when Bregda her course has chanched wath the warriors not expected and ask for a why? Than we can hide us in the jungle, maybe we can on time for a suprise. We must know of they are have better wapens then we have, i have need 2 people who will lookt into they ather camp.

We marched to the droppoint, we know all of us where the droppoint is questions, ask Bregda. No but wath to do if they have a secret wapen, wath we not can found? Then we brougt light very much light.

So two go look by the ather clan ( where there is a bloodline with, so why should you fight to them?) A graet  story go here on into the past, even it’s still happening to day. That clans are fighting together, it’s the law of the jungle the strongest win. Bregda make a good chance.

The enemy has a secret wapen:

The enemy has a secret wapen and that is they did verry mistic in talking with wash not ussual, if there wash a ghost so look it. The 2 people from Bregda came to the droppoint, they told her wath they have seen. We wait with a ataq let them come,  come we put wite powder on us faces and we play also for ghost. And then we shall see we us first ataq.

The first ataq came from Famhairean:

Famhairean could notingh found into the dessert he see spors so he give his army evrything to destroying wath could be wash from the invaders. with wath then put it on fire, burn it so that nothing else is over, in the same time Bregda burn his camp and when that wash happen, wash Famhairean still buzzy to burn the old camp of Bregda and her clan, they where into the jugle and from the jungle they have burned the camp of Famhairean, it wash not far a way from his camp.

Famhairean thought he has won this time:

He came back into his camp and saw that evrytingh wash burn out, nothingh wash standing up, no head-office in the middle of the dessert evrything wash destroyd, he can nothing found back.

Bregda ask her father of he has a ather vision:

Bregda listen a lot to her father, but she sayd notingh to her clan, she would suprised Famhairean with them fire and sword and the mystics who the clan of Bregda has. That wash for her the next step she wash not ready with him. So she do not like itt a War III where we fight with sword, fire and mystic aswel. But it should be happen and indeed beginning in the dessert.


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