Do I Traveld Backwarth?

I’am standing on a bridge on the end of the bridge, i do the last step wath i can do and i look to the great feets of a monster on. Left near me i have saw a great cat extremly great. So the monster wash also extremly great.

I think that i the only one who is living here:

If i think to the great Big Bang theory that by some syentist and atronomist who look to sky and the stars when and where there ather live is then only on Aerth.

This is look a like the beginning of the human of the planet Aerth:

The live between the planet Aerth wash first for monsters evry animal wath now is littel wash then a monster a great monster and did i traveld back in the time before century’s from beginning of the human i see only monsters, maybe is this just a littel baby i don’t know.

And wath i’am doing on the bridge:

I wreely don’t know it’s look like of i get into a time-machine, but who put him on back to the beginning just after the Big Bang theory. Where i’am there is it verry dark, but there is somting hophely i see light from the outside. I have only a sword and a knife more not, so i disciad to stand still for that great monster and the cat who also great is that it better is for if i will still life. Thus the only wath i can do is think wath to do with monsters around you? And for the first time i lookt, from the bridge into that hole. There come smoke out mine brains could this not have and say hold on don’t look it is not good for you. So i did wath mine first tiding says. I diden’t look anymore and curious i was also not anymore. But i wash still asking where am i?

I’am in the darness with two monsters:

How come i here back ather withs sayd how come i back into mine own time thus i mean to say: 2015 oktober 23 time 16.10 h i will back to that time but where i’am at the moment the only human between two monsters and a great hole with not good is for me to look in. But the own minut that i lookt i saw a lot of stones and some were also great wash i a witness of the Big Bang theory or not? It is still strainge for me and how longer that i there wash, mine breve where no good in the year 2015 i should have understand that, but not now. And wath can i do against two monsters own great sort of cat and own sort of drake the drake can walkt on two feets the cat not they has for feets need.

So long i wash quiet they do me nothing:

So long i wash quiet they do me nothing but so lookt constantly to me so i can nothing do than quiet to sitdown and wait that the time machine me will pick up. Well i have long to wait but how come i on mine eat. And the smoke wash not good for mine breve and so go the first night forward, and the ather day we stand still for the same problem, how i this must figer out i don’t know.

And i still i do not know how i has it done:

I don’t know how i’am back into 2015 oktober 23 and on the right time wash that a wish that they put me there and let believe wath happend is wath the Big Bang theory is that the moon out of his cirkel came and clapst right on Aerth. Accept that it so wash and there is any ather life possible, wath to see is in some countrys.


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