Why shall we discrimined a Muslim? But if you go speak about Sharia law, honestly i’am not waiting for that, because if you have hungry and you steel a appel with youre right suite. And there are witness from more then one, than they cut youre right suite of. And you shall never do it anymore. You can’t do it you have only youre left suite. So they make a lot of people handicapted.

I think the Western Nations don’t nothing about it.

The European Gouvernements don’t nothing about it they do not know wath it is, the Gouvernement must a lot of Syrian and Eritrean people give a bed, bread and a shouwer. The Gouvernement of NL would not do that and were not Europe but the Europerightcommision much get float back and where sayd now do you on discrimination.

The Ministers must give there up there duty:

So that wash the beginning of the end from the minister(s) i wash glad that, that happend they did a long time on discrimination, you can do that, if you have a post as minister i’am right or not in mine oppion i wash glad you can not do that.

But Muslim(s) know that she are discriminated are wath they have to do:

The point is if the Muslim(s) try to make normal christian for to get that the Moslim(s) longer exist than the christianety, they go faccinatic to work raffinedet and ther are several people who will be a Moslim and buy themselfs a Koran. Then they must on course learn arabic. At the same time they where indoctrinated and she or he go to Syria to fight with IS.

But the Muslim(s) they have give there name and they go back to Syria:

There are Muslim(s) they are be throte not one time but more then one time. Then they go to the office wath there for is: and bring there story most of the time with a tolk. And they toke that serieus, but comfortable he feel himself not a Syrian even as you, you must bertayd, that he will fight for Syrian IS.

If you can have a interview with such person:

If you have such person can interview than the most of the time they would not into good see the screem, if it is possible comletely not there voice is also not wreel. They are affraid for that they pick him back and he has a lot of see, he and many athers have a great traumatised and than you have the goodness in you to say who is not escape from his country no he sending for to get more people who will fight to and with Syria IS.

They can and have in there religion the Sharia:

And if we all about the facts about the Moslim(s) Koran and you read about it page for page. Than you can talk about it (i’am not a Moslima) no i’am a christian. I have learnd that you first have to read or listen to the people why and then you can say or speak youre meaning or is into a meeting. But respect a people so as he or she is nothing more.

We’have here Syrians and Eritreans to give bed, bath an bread:

Here where no people from a ather great town (Rotterdam or Amsterdam) the major has give evrybody a letter wath shall go happen between two dates and you can come to the major’s hous he will clear. Everbody understood that he must that do wath the Gouvernement him has told.

No people from outside:

If there people from outsid than stand the police to wait for them. And ask where are you going to? If they will gome with the train, police go with them and they were hold stand and arrest. On the plans making besturbing of  the law and they are formed a community. So they must go with the police to the judge of Breda. When the meetings are over they must come for judge.

All those disturbing is not necessary and why:

Why is simpel to tell they have themselfs or, are they so stuppid i think the last one. And if you me ask why alcohol that make more then you belief stick into youre body then any ather people did do think. It is a groupe boys from 13 á 14 years old they will say wath the major must do. Boys from that age belongs on scool to learn for the futhure isen’t?

The majors have a lot of thraitmens and also theire kids.

That is unfair you come never on childeren of a ather, they are very crazy. I think that, that are boys from christian to be a Moslim, i should very much know why? It is not necessary, they have than also adopt the Sharia, they must know what that is if, they do not know they have not read a Koran, then you may talk into a meeting earlyer not you have finisht you scool. This is mine point where are for standing. And why shall i discriminated a Moslim that is escape from his country where war is?

First War I

Then we have the Belgium people give eat sleepplace and diffrent papers why could that well and now a War III is nearly us and now it can not anymore, the minister must me explane. There are rearly idea’s make a own country for them, and they will named escapecountry. I’am sorry this is for me a bridge to far. Londen has nothing from them let heart and France also not those two country’s would not have any Moslim(s) from Syria or Eritrea they will a with folk have. Thats very much discrimination, if you don’t mind.

It is possible colord land and homgeneity:

That’s surtenly possible if i see how the Netherlands foodbalplayers see out then nearly dark people and withe people on the WK in Brasil they get a bronze medaille. So it can and it could.


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