A Fantasy Prose

Goodmorning Tom,

I have read youre blog intresting, but you make it me very diffecult, no problem i can only learn from it. I make first the prose, if you will not steel from internet of a book, than i must think i was not wake up well thus it was diffecult for me. But it came’s.

And so you has ask the prose get about dragons and robots the dragons from the past and the robots are from the futhure, well with movie of artdirector will get it. And one question Tom theire is somting not very clear for me you write to make a book, with this prose and i have many plans about it and if you answer is yes i try evry sunday to write (with is mine free day) but mine problem did you read.

I’am truly buzzy with mine third book Economy:

You fantasy prose must be a book and i have now to write 1,000 words i’am  correct or not?

The prose is wreely fantasy:

The prose self is wreely fantasy so as i told earlyer that the prose go about dragons and robots and love. Who can make a prose about that three things, so as it there lose is outstanding. Only that three words can you make there a prose frome.

I have never seen a prose from you:

How is it possible that i have never read, or has seen a prose from you. Have you that lessons already had? Or will you even as i get a bookwriter a bookwriter must also can make a prose. Sorry that i’am saying that. I’am wreely sorry.

Oké let we begin with the last word of the prose love:

Why is love in the prose? A prose get normaly if you feel it love and why  a fantasy prose with love? It go not lonly about love no the love can help you a lot in the prose where dragons and robots came over. So how many can help love you into the prose. If you stay cool and you sending love to the dragon and you send even so much i’am not afraid for you, but in mean time you ask the dragon wat i’am doing here? The dragon shall do you nothing when you are still sending youre love and you can make him death. You have nothing no wapens at all so in mine prose i send it to the dragon. And the dragon accept this and did me nothing, the dragon has tryed too but mine sending go not away in mine afraid, what i devently was.

Waht has a robot to do in a fantasy prose:

Well this belongs also in a fantasy world thus robots they are for the future, but we must look far a way into the future. It is not so far but far enough, anyway are we sure about this? There are many countrys who sayd we found the first working robot out and by testing from the robot is not any more a good word over, is it a country, that make also a robot? Robots are not perfect so a human is also not perfect so we shall see get the robot the place from the working human or no i think it not. Work on a walking cover, but not the brain of someone play on stage or wathever wath with creatifety has to make. A robot can take that over the brains of a humanbeen.

And when  comes the first robot with feelings?

When comes the first robot with feelings, can think can somebody give love when he or she are crying, and can the robot also speak with a human voice or can’t they?

And is this intressting enough:

To go back into the time from the dragons and so forward to the time of robots and that a human who not affraid is for bouth a drake a robot can live in harmony if you give bouth love should that or could that not i don’t know but it like’s me the only way that bought go not fight with echather the modren world and the world that us is past. But we can go back to the past world, but we have find out who makes the Aerth who makes the live?

Who give’s the people brains to think with:

The people can think the one better than a ather one different shall always are where we are. But will a robot also have a vakation if the robot only do us work he is there made for. You put the order in what the robot has to do so he do you work 8 h a day that’s great isin’t or do i see it wrong. Well than have i at the moment wrong thought’s, but i like this.

I come still to mine prose:

Will you read it at the moment or still on the end? I shall you not longer in exausting let sit thus we go begin, o just one think he not from internet he is made by my self.

De Prose:

At this time we make robots

So he can do the work from us

From ouwer hand should take, must we because shake

No say people, who have them crëated has, wath can we say about it can we again.

Nothing shall be are than the oldestone, but yet not very stupid.

Shall we go to the timeplace of the dragons? And how do we hit them, must we fight with only ouwer suits?

Or must we them give love with evryting wath is life, in a getto, Robots and Drakes, how bring we them together.

I don’t wreely not know, but i shall them give mine love.

If that the only one that should be workt, Than is that the only one wath i shall do.

Maybe is it the only wath they will have.

By my self made transled from NL to youre UK.


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