Writing For Stage Or A Movie.

Mister Mastgrave,

You have ask’t that youre students to write a blog from 1000 words and wath theire passion is, i’am not arrogant but i try to make my homework. If i abouve the 1000 words come is that a problem for you? I reather asking before i stardet, then i see you recation on mine site.

Mine wreel passion is to write for people who playing on stage or if it get it for a movie then i’am be honour if that comes true.

On mine 12 years old i wrote i spy, with you can play on stage wath also happend. But theire wash one problem who, shall play opposite site of the KGB agent. We have all the time repeat with at were 5 persons with me. At that time i have never see a 007 seen far after mine time the come out. The person say to evrybody near before we should with 5 persons on stage. Who must the opposite play. Nobody would do that it wash to diffecult. And i did just 2 play, the artdirector and i play the KGB agent and now also the opposite, so i did 3 it look likes for me impossible wath it also was.

I must my good focus:

But the people are quiet and listen and look after 10 minitus they give us 3 red cross. For us was that they end on stage, and for me the beginning of the art. When i wash 16 i wrote a book, you can speak about a detective. Where the famous Sherlock Holmes also in the story forward came and a lot of pieces from the detective give. Puzzle by puzzle wath very long had a duration, before they know (it wash a undeting person) they did not know or it wash a he or a she. The found a C in the middle of the woods. The C can stand for a he Charly or a she Caroline they go look on this names into the computer, nothing were found. So on this way i workt to the plot and hold it on this manner exciting, just to the plot the plot i workt out as more than exciting.

So that are mine two books:

One on stage (written for stage) they ather one wash a detective with a end wath nobody should think. Anyway wath i did into mine youth they were send to somebody to look for it, with the message of mine dead, wath can you do with it and is it good enough to publish. It was be publisht so when i heart it i’am glad and proud on myself. You have talent go further with it. Wath i now do when i not anymore work. But this is a new job for me, from Tom i can learn and try to do mine best. More than that i can do it, but evry time you learn more.

Mine third book go about myself:

And belief me it is hard to write about youre self and why, i have such diffrent things in mine youth happend i can not talk about it, there are more people they can’t talk about it certunly not on youre work, when are you still working. But mine husband say go look for any help. And i did but i have not a good feeling about it. Not evrithing is told so i make mine resolution or decision to write it in a book, and if i see the fragments again then is it for me diffecult and mine tears are neare me then to laugh. It is so horrobile sorry that i myself let go but that is the emotion with my became nobody can give me comfort. So i must look out for that i not have a that i in order to. So i must sometimes hard work to mine blog from 1000 words get on time put on youre site or mine site where you can found it. And wreely i have also to stop it’s not good for mine focus i know but if the screem can be softer than i can write in one focus to 1000 words. I get back from mine emotions and if it is not with mine intention maybe i do self not know why it happend. Maybe i would mine emotions not under control, and i go away from wath i devently do write for stage or movie’s.

That like me teriffic, endless:

To write for people who playd a or let see for public and you remember it that must be the great feeling on youre live are. And certunly when the people it likes and it say to ather people, from that must you see that is wreely good. Sorry that i’am so late with publish but me and mine husband prefure together to eat so wath we did. But writing a book there will a producer make a movie from i should like that to, than is youre book good with emotions and maybe a good plot. Drama or endid in dance and fun both could, and in both you can make a plot wath is exciting a plot where you never have on thought. That’s the most of the time mine manner of a story to be ended that nodody has been thought so i hold me on this manner of writing.


I did rather also on fingerpainting on wood, wood that i self make (not the wood) but make clean that you can go with you fingers about the wood. Sometimes comes there, outsiders would buy some painting thus, and i don’t know why they it so butifull find or found. I self can understanding it, the most of the time i don’t like the painting but a ather person found it butifull so then i have a big proud and ask wath will you offer for the painting? It’s rear for me that sometimes public will have mine story’s and also mine painting, but it give’s mine ego a boost. That can i certunly tell you. This is wath i as mine Passion see and do.


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