Bedoeïne Clans In The Sinai.

If this is not historical, Selayna, then i do not know, I found it a great sorry that you have a variant of the flu. But you are not the only one mine husband gives me also a bit of flu, and a bad sleep aswel. Do you have plesure, and fun in Poznan (Poland) You have spoken Tom, I can a lot learn from Tom.

But we go to historical part were you ask from:

Bedoeïne clans in the Sinai. The Bedoeïne clans came from the suith of Sinai they can be draft roughly on 10 clans from 70.000 people. That’s a lot of thus  the oldest clans, they live in the Sinai are be named Alleeghet and Sawalha. That are the first people who are found I’am not safe in mine own Country, Arabia.

That is the beginning and, the end is further away then we think:

That were good managers, until they have enough mony and can buy a store, farms and a lot of them work as a chauffer. The yough lives now in wath we named Egypt.

The migration begins more then 5 centurys ago:

The people were not welkom in there own Country. And wath was the problem that they are not welkom are in there own Country. Who lives in a Dessert nobody, and then the heat of the Sinai. But they are clever they make Tent with give not all the heat of the Dessert and specialy the Sinai. But things to buy and to sell on the market, they can them selfs to help on food and things on sit and make a Tent bigger for the chief evry clan has a chief. You can one in a year the chief ask of he good enough is and if the chief not get the challenge than he must be go fight. So you know the strongest win and won. So go it by the most Bedoeïne clans not all of them.

Selayna I have make to eat me and mine husband prefure eat together so I have a break from 11.20h (Netherlands Time). So I have been eaten it’s now 12.55h (Netherlands Time).

And so in 5e century there was a new fugitive clan the clan named Gebeliya they go to the mountins of the Sinai, were they all the time on service where of the Monestry of St. Katherine.

And so were the first fugitive clans always traveling:

The fugitive are always traveling, they are not welkom in there own Country and why, a ather belief no that’s not so. Did they suitable in there own Country? That’s not very respectful to a ather group of people.

And the Mzeina go also to the Sinai:

The Mzeina clan where also fugitive, and how they today for name have I don’t know, but why say some people they suitable into this Country. Do they know to much have they are a lot of influence? Wath the Gouvernement not will have and come to so a unrespectful dicision? But that they influence had they let see into the buying from hotels, ships and store’s and many more they did. They did work hard for it to can buy it.

And the last own they as a fugitive were the Tarabin:

The Tarabin Bedoeïnen came 300 years to the Sinai, they go to the North site near Israël. We named it at the moment the Gaza-site of Palestine. This is for us easy to hear into the ears, then we know were we are talking about and we can visialisation, and we know were it’s laying as Country. It’s rear that Palestine not will be recognize as a own Country. They have also there rights and I found that Israël the last time unrespectful with the Palestine have to do they shoot with sharp directly death. How is this possible? Should Israël think they are Nomads and go well further. It is a free Country if there has a clan in this cas the Tarabin clan then has Israël to stay out they were there first. Israël where recognize in the year 1948. And Palestine not wath is the problem if you recognize Palestine then (wath I think) a lot of problems shall be go away not in 3 fragments, no stepwise must be a accord between Israël and Palestine.

And Let Palestine Work On His Own Countr:

The Palestine (oficaly name Tarabin Bedoeïn) under that name they can be recognize. If they it nice find or found it’s the name of there Grandparents and you must you Grandparents are be in Honour. Bedoeïn people they are very conservertif and a rich culture and they have a great deal for them expansive visitor-freedom.

Were I May Begon I Will Also Ended:

Many years there we good speak about bloodrevenge. This revenge endid in a great swortfights and were be done under the law of the Bedoeïnen, that law named “EL ORF”, there own rightsystem what they had.

Thus They Were There Time Very Forword.

I should never have tought that they have a Rightsystem and that they good were in the Culture of there own lifetime. And that they were creative in working about store’s, ships and making from water and ground that was than jushfull for put in the gound eat, some like wath a farmer does. Then they come not on youre ground, and they know that they have a territorium. And do some Country’s have regret there were they not suitable they have self a system. A system wath evrybody knows and where respected and have respect for a ather they shall always a ather help, they took there own home open for you, and you are the visitor and a visitor you let see evrything and give him comfort and you give him eat and when it is nessecery than you give him a bed.

They Know What It Is:

The Arbia people are always fugitive is, and now happend it again why always there. I do not understand it anymore.


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