Thinking Of Suicide?

Well a goodday Mister Mastgrave,

Well when ather people make decisions for you, and can not be happy with that decision, normaly i go fight and struggle, but with words.

I have a bad day, mine husband give a littel bit flu to me, but now it’s worse. But I get my self put on mine workchamber and to, do, wath i have to do, make mine homework.

But this is normaly a flu it’s not depressing, and when you are have a depression the comes Suicide into youre brains you don’t no why. And do a psychiatrist wath youre arts you will say to do. Wat I want. And do the fugitive ather named it equation, and yes there are more easier routes to Europe. But Europe can not handle this there comes 100.000 people on there way to us, and they want them. They don’t know were they can let sleep, aet and take a shouwer.

Eurrope exist about a view years anymore:

There are now at the moment that Europe get into a crisis, and that’s true. There are two times early and there wash a plan B. And now with the European Democratic is not evry Country glad that they must took a several of hundred people who are fugitive give a sleep, aet and a shouwer. And they woudend do that and why: simply some Countrys they are all of them Katholic and wouldend a Moslim not into there Country, and they are not welkom into there own Country, were must they traveld to? It’s for them a bad they a nightmare.

But are they all fugitive:?

No there are also economic fugitive they have lived early into the Netherlands and know a bit how it works. It’s for a job to do nothing more.

But there is not always bat news:

So I see an Syrian boy from 12 years he can’t sitting still and will someting have to do. They organized a sportevent he fell out they ask with a translater why? He answerd “I’am the best badminton player of Syria” “Proof it” he did and onws in the time he trained by the young boys of the National Team then he has serieus competion the trainer saw potentional by the boy. So he had his bad days but this wash the day of his life. He took a chanche with both suits. Evry day he is training. But this is not for evrybody the ather Syrian people live still in bad days and sometimes good days.

And I go back to bed the flu do more wih me than i thought:

I’am sorry Mister Mastgrave, I’am trully sorry, I hope that I tomorrow fit.


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