When The Leaves Of The Trees Are Falling?

A Goodday Mister Sirrahleumas,

I have read youre blog, with has aspired me to go further to write mine blog. But it’s diffecult to look on Facebook I have written in mine comment to you that I have twitter and Facebook anymore and why, that wash not nice. I hope you can understand it, do he has also a twitteracount? Then I can follow him. We go begin with mine blog.

When The Leaves Of The Trees Are Falling:?

What happend when this is happend, it’s happening evry year into the month oktober when the summertime comes back. All those month, people who are ill or has a sicknis they have so much problems with that, you can not be a normal discussion on, and that is very diffecult.

How Is This Possible:?

And wath have the leaves to make with it, and the trees? It’s search on Universety they come out on the same thing. When the days are shorter, and it’s again wintertime, you sleep a 1h longer but, on the day you live 1h shorter. Some people have there so much problems, but evry people has problems with the wintertime some people have a week time to reset there body, and have it diffecult so they have 2 problems.

First Reset Youre Body And Then The Dark Month:

It’s not nice to walk outside, but I had the luck that the Sun was shinning this wash a good weather that you will move out, and now it’s look dark the Wind go into the Trees and the Leaves let nearly rush on. And there are much Falling Leaves. I saw it outside it lay down on the door dullfnes, and I tought “hé it’s not cold oudsite, the sun is singing it’s great at the same time I see the Leaves, we are wreely into the dark period of the year.

There Are Many People They Don’t Like Christmas:

Christmas were we are about a view month it’s now they end of oktober so just 2 month to go and then it’s Christmas we celebrate the birthday of Jezus Christ. There are many people they can handle this dark days and why? Those people they are nearly deprest. But Christ evening can be very nice if you are by youre parents or somebody else from the family, then you know the last things of the family for a hole year you know evrything thus I give it from that but mine body have to reset from summertime to wintertime.

The Flu Came When The Leaves Of The Trees:

Mine house keeping is already here now I must me doubble focus to her and mine blog, she is already with her mobile  buzzy I ignore me disturb better to say. Back to the article. It intrest me why people get the flu in the same time when the Leaves Of The Trees Are Falling. Have it to make with the dark days and it’s still colder each day? But the rearly when it’s summer you can also a Flu they named it summer flu rear but you can found yourself very nasty. And mine husband don’t like that I’am very short into mine answers to him. And I don’t mean it so. The most of the people think Why I, Why must I have the Flu?.

This Flu Is A Nasty Flu:

This Flu can you still 2 or 3 weeks let not go to youre work but, I write mine blog from home as particular, no sponsor at all. So of cource I will Step in but on mine comment on youre blog I have wrote why I have no Facebook anymore I wash deeply shokt. It has no sence to go to the police they don’t know how they this must look for the people who that has done. It goes over the web you see, I have twitter. Maybe I can step in with Twitter. I’ll fel back to they what I wreel want to write and that’s why come’s the Flu in the same time when The Leaves Fall. I have never heart of a medical conection. But dokters and ather shyntist they have us the conection told but not be prooft, the only wath they can do is people ask were they can on expirimentet you get a lot of mony there for. But is it not a littel bit greepy and tricky aswel. You don’t know wath you can get of it all those medication. Me not I were but not anymore!!. I hope so evry dokter will expiremantel with you, so thus you must very becarfful in wath youre answer should be.

The Most Of The Time I’ll Be Writing About The Actualty:

The actualty is the time where we in lived. It’s bad days and times this time, look Italy and Greece and than we have the Balkanroute Austria to Germany and to the Nederlands. France and ather state’s will not have anybody into his Country the people are ill has need any help. And why will some Country’s that not give?. And I have a Flu wats a Flu if those people can get die? Yes the Flu is nasty but, those people are be worse ill. And they go away from there Country when the Leaves are Falling from the Trees, wath kind of conection can that be. I can this conection not see, is here searching to be done I think it not, the rearst thing’s happend in those period And wath can we do, not still waiting maybe you have it next year again. But maybe a ather clan that must move out of his Country. And the Leaves are again Falling?. When Christmas evening again is comming have we than again a Flu and a Country would himself not be safe in to his Country, is the next own Palestine?

Who shall it say me not I don’t know:

Thus the Leaves are Falling from the Trees and I have a Flu and groups of people are under way to a better life.


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