Who Wants To Speak Me? Part I

Goodday Mister Mastgrave,

You give me a diffecult task, between I must write 10.000 words, it is not sa mistake. I shall do mine best, more then that I can not do. I go writing with love but not about love. I will write about a dream would say to me write about that. I hope I can all youre points there in make true and have involved about it. So I must be double focust. Mine homework and this task. The 10.000 words.

I get a message on mine email:

This message wash not very clear to me, and why it speaks not where it about handeld the most of the time you write it on. And the rearly wash it wash signt by JP. There are a lot of people who named so thus I thought it is be a spam, and put him away. That normal if you see, that could be a spam? After two weeks I found a letter in mine mailbox again the same, when I will put him away I saw coördinate or interglot, I make him open by letter from the postman I should get more information, somebody want’s to speak with me, thus there for there were sent interglots or coördinate how I have to travel.

And the coördinate say first to the suith:

I have traveld first to the suith, into the Sagrada da Familia I get new coördinate, a rear place, but I have to deal with it. And so I read the letter again and again. With I get by the postman. I must go have a walk outside mine house to come into mine thoughts who could it be and wreely I don’t know. It could be possible that it wash mine younger brother, we know he live’s anymore. But the strange things are happend, on the beach were also rear, and I have then a talk to him. And the man say that he not JP wash, with I thought that it him wash.

So If I would know who that is, than I have to go:

So I thought I can by plane to Barcalona and walk to the Sagrada da Familia and the man who should give the new coördinate, thus I go to the Aeroplane to look for the tickets who are free to travel on Barcelona. When I come home I found a new letter brought by postman. I open the letter and I see that I have very much restrictions.

point 1 I may not travel by a Plane

2. I may not drive a car.

3. I can if I have a bycilette than I go with bycilette.

4. The letter writter prefure that I do it walking and when the weather wash nasty can and have a horse, with I shall needed. I have to look for mine eat and also for the horse and drink.

So I go myself training in walking and horsedriving:

When the time wash good enough for me I know I get to Barcelona but I know France a bit so I will also somting see. I go to Normandië, so then I have more then 200 km on feed done. Rear enough I know the sleepplaces where I can sleep for not mutch. So I clapst mine tent out on a camping with I know from mine yough. There were now ather people younger people from parents to oldest son and his women. The son wash exactly his mother. But I get a place, I asket to him where of I can found Utha Beach, “just before Brittany (Bretagne) a ather district of France a littel to east I have a Kompas from my own and I put him a littel to east the ather coödinate I let so as they were.

And with this restrictions I’am traveling:

Next day after somting have to eat I go pay, by the recepcion and I traveld further to the east. I would once in mine live time have see Utah Beach. I have there on that place no chance had to say thank you, you give youre live so that I can live this wouldend I very glad to do it to say thanks. Late in the evening I came there in a littel store I buy some flowers I put it by the first stone where a boy from 19 lay as a hero for me, but he wash in the army, and there is found death. Even as very much ather man who in the army were.

So I must have a sleepplace but where:

I lookt arount and I wash near by Bretagne, I saw a old castel more than that it’s a ruin and there came a moment back that mine mother say to mine father let us that buy, oh no me not we as childeren we found this nice very nice. Thats a old castel when I go to the old castel, came a man and say “stop” “why”? “I have a letter for you” “oké I come and shall be read him”. So I get futher the rock on I want to the top, and there reading who can me find here I don’t know new coördinate of whatever I see well what it is. In the letter stood you are not on the good way so you come never on time in the Sagrada da Familia and thats about 3 days where we waiting on you. If you at 14.00 h the Sagrada da Familia walking in, then you shall never know who I wahs, maybe I wash indeed youre youngest brother and I will speak to you. Or I wash it not, if you are on time then we give you the new coördinate. You have a lot to walk thus ather way spare you fiscly and take the shortest way. On the frontside of the ruin right site there can you sleep.

Thus I have in own way to travel to travel to the Sagrada da Familia:

“Well there goes mine toeristic route” where I have butifull memory’s on thus I must mine Kompas reset and myself good on the coördinate let then I will come “Hophely on time” at 14.00 h into the Sagrada da Familia. But I must a good shorter way and on the place with wash told me I clapst my Tent out I go look for eat and somting for to drink. Anyway after a 1 h look for eat and drink I have somting found I cook it abouve some fire. The sold wath out the wather came I do abouve mine vegetabals it smels good and it taste good. So it where late the sun go under and I go to sleep, but wath I has read, well that letter goes still in mine mind found the most short way, so that I’am should be on time. And who wash the writter, it like somebody that me know and I’am not.

And he wash the boss:

The protagonist is for me still unknow, but I do all wath he is saying to me. So you come out that I be the antagonist are in this story wath I always been. And the major is very concequently evry where he comes to say wath I have to do in name of the protagonist. So I feel it of I will be followed, wath so wash on that moment, and I diden’t see that.

The End Of The Story Shall Be Surprised:

I’am just not by the climax, the climax I will them have for they end that is wath I’am meaning it shall be surprised. So who the protagonist is must come into the plot of the story. And I’am the antagonist with his restrictions who he get’s from the protagonist in this case, until now a unknow person who’s name on the end should be is to read and in early storys come over or where been brought. And this story I put it on paper so I have dream’t it. Nobody go death but the thinking after that you should think that somebody go death, but it isen’t so.

But I’am Just Not Jet On They End:

Oké I try to sleep under the first of the frontside on the right. Evry time I where still awake but, the letter it goes in mine head short way, how get I that good and why may I not walk so as I want. I have a restrictions by not a route would I like. No the route with you is given you have to follow. Thus I decsiat in mine, Kompas wash that the a very short way. To suith France and so nearly as possible to the gard, wher Spain begins and strait on to the Sagrada da Familia, but on wath can I regonize the man who will give me new coördinate. So that I can travel forward, but I think that I must follow the coördinate and make not a toeristroute. I ask myself by whom I let play the boss about me this is nothing for me (normaly spoken). But I’am courious and would know who will talking about me and hophely I see the person in live that I can say, Oh is it you when I the person shoud be reganized.

A Ather Day I Traveld Further To Spain:

I get mine route on mine compas with help from the coördinate with I have thus I go to suith-east and then I must see after a view miles that I’am not far a way from the Spanish gard. So go I walk and I wash completly on mine own nobody I can ask to of I go good or mine route wash good. Wreely nobody in the evening I get some food need so I walkt forward but wash also looking on food and drink. Even that I know there wash no time to waste I have 1 and half day to go if I will be on time and get the new coördinate evrything, it wash all in the game. Wath you get that shall you see or nothing. But that wash someone who me very good know’s and knew that if is all in the game ALL of LOSE. How could that unknown man or a she me so good know, and know when I’am on pressur go make folts. That’s wash also when I a view month ago still wash working, by a high pressure than it go not good. But the sun go under time for me to look for a sleeping place I will past the gard site that I can sleep on Spainsh bottom, and I have a day long not eaten and drink so I go walk on the beach I hope on a fish and wath solt water with I can cooke the solt about mine fish and the rest for to drink. The day wash a hell in the burning sun, you must make youre self hurry, so to come on time and I wash near Granada on the suith of Spain on the beach I will clapt out mine Tent, but there comes again a man with a letter there wash in written “you have to go North-East so short as possible then you can on time” So I give mine compas North-East and I put mine Tent on the beach and go look for food I saw vegetabals and I have a Crab and some drink. The Crab wash not so fine with his scale and shisers, but when he wash death I can put the scale from his body away I eat mine vegetabals and did wath solt about it and also about the Crab he wash not sharp enough rear is that, that you there on think when you are traveling by food now 3 days but I have a half day to go and the I must be come in, into the Sagrada da Familia. And should I come on time?


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