Parachurch Are Dangerougs.

Goodday Mister Mastergrave,

I will you rember that, I a ather 2000 words have to write. That is the task of yesterday 30 oktober 2015. And mine normaly homework with I have to do thus I hope I can handdle it. Thanks for understanding.

I will beginning with many Parachurch why are they Dangerougs. If people will change from belief let them go, but not to a Parachurch that’s short of clan. If you want out then you can’t anymore.

But where comes the word from:

And wath mean it to say, it say’s Para comes from the Greece and it means next, so the normal human who not belief wath his parents give him or she ment it to know better. You have easy to tell but, I can’t belief in it and begin some for is own and lookt into the bible. Example there is not standing in that you may not a Gun to devence youre self. And so begon the clans they will fight to the end of when there all have found the death. That’s Dangerous not only for a State but for more Country’s.

And Yes I Ask By Myself Also Why Do They Drinking:?

All right I’am be Katholic, my parents give that to me and there ather childeren but they are not intrestet so they go not somthing else believe but they do nothing about there belief. But they still even as I Katholic and they get not change to a ather belief. And why they would from belief nothing, free to go to the church when they want.

Wath I Will Ask Why Is That Chair Empty?

There is 1 chair empty, nobody is sitting about that chair? Is it a priest who is homosexual and will ask to end of his doing and have for choose. But can a priest his letter where he askt to the Pope I will not anymore be a priest and wath are confesions I have to do and make. And than you can long wait for you get a answer if you can go free-out or the Pope say, you have choose thus you stay on your post.

But I Think A Homosexual Pries Has More Change To Go Out:

I think that a homosexual priest make more change to step out for wath he has choose. The Pope don’t like it again scandals, it’s good he tell me that, and has a lover so I can not on a ather way him on board. He askt for not anymore will be a priest. He can go.

The Wine Is The Blood Of Christ, And Wath They Eat Is His Body:

So is it me learnd, that on the evening that Judas him should betrayd, he give bread and wine he sayd “this braed is mine body that you eat” “this wine that you drink is mine blood”. None belief it, but Judas knows it and go away to the highpriest from Jeruzalem and so he wash betrayd, for a view goldsticks.

And There Many Religoug’s:

There are so many religoug’s, and that public make change from belief thats the last time very much in. I have many time from facebook (thats public I mean) or I will change to the Islam (but I diden’t). I’am faithfull and loyalaty to mine believe wath I get from mine parents.

The Pastors Do Not Open Say I Belief Someting Else:

For so far I know a pastor shall not say that he someone else believe. But if you good listen to his preach wath he more then one time do in own church into his mass from 2 h long, thats a long sit. But if you good listen and he speak loud and clear than you can maybe heart of he has change from belief. Early not, but I have a priest known he would be married and it where a great problem for him, it wash all in the game for him, he lives by the women who he has love and that 3 years. He makes his dicsion and wrote a letter to the Pope, and write him wath him wash happend and that he will be married. After several weeks he get a letter back, the priest wash glad he may stop, if he send a film with his marriage and he did and some foto’s he sent to the Pope.

Doctrines Will Be True:

Oké about doctrines spoke yes that happend, certanly, if you change from belief then you have learn the new belief and his rules. So we as Christians the 10 both must know thats the first think that you have to learn. With Moses from God get on stones, if you remember. By the way I don’t know and I have never heard of it off-Broadway productian called The Christians, sorry that I it say but here play some ather productions as, example Jozef the Musical or Jezus Christ superstar also a musical. But it’s the same way of the manner that we have a party and come to us self and think how it at the moment is on the world. Has God that would Indoctrination from some ather belief’s I think it not.

Who Not Wants Belief, Could Ask Forgiff Me For Wath I Have Done:

And then if you have wreely regret of it then shall the Lord you forgiff. So I ask it evry day forgiff me wath I have done wath not good is in youre eayes. But shall we come back on the Indoctrination when somebody, a Christian will belief into the Islam then there bible (Koran) is very havy. If a person say yes I will believe in that, than it shall be worse for him or she. The person shall be Indoctrinated and his belief wath he or she had have the person totally forgotten, you can see as a short of hypnose. This religious is your new religigous and that stay so all most you go fight for it.


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