Who Wants To Speak Me Part II

Goodday Mister Mastgrave,

I go try mine work to do from 10.000 words with you give up, on 30-10-2015. I hope that I come on the 2000 word again. Thanks for understanding and reading.

I wake up early in the morning on the beach, I will look for eat and drink but I walkt so rear the sand wash fast on mine feets. I walkt the water in I will bespoiled the sand but that go diffecult, and why I din’t understood. Thus I go look to mine feets, I walkt them under mine blood. I have nothing feeld that wash rear in mine shoe’s too. There came nothing from eat, I have to make hurry. So I do mine shoe’s on and look to mine compas and mine coördinate North-East so I walkt from the beach to gras and near the gras were a littel way I lookt for the namewise with town. If I saw one with Barcelona then I go that follow, but I wash walking even nearly to a highway thats dangerous, and down by the ground were littele namewise, than wash I safe if I took the littel own. But I have no time to waste, so I can never know who it wash. I have read that earlyer into a letter wath me wash given, that wash in (Bretagne) just when I wash by the ruin. I may not walkt on the highway as lonly person. So the sun wash gomming up it wash just not so heath thus I begon the walk with I had a littel bit bigger to make, not jet running but also not slow a quick step. I would on time in the Sagrada da Familia are so I tought that it even wash mine endpoint. But a letter should be very quick clear make that, thats not true. With me were given on the beach and have to make hurry myself, but the coördinate they are important for me. And who wash the Protagonist after this play, it wash for me not a play, but for the unknown protagonist it look like a play. And I did wath he or she sayd unbelievebal I can’t self not understand that. And so I walkt but I do not know wath time it wash, and I vergot to look on mine compas and mine coördinate to look when I stopt I look Oh no now quick to the East the highway over. Thats tricky wash I in live when I wash on the ather side. I had a lot of luck I get it I have make it I wash on the ather side healthty aswel. Now the short way wath I can found to Barcalona. I felt someting in mine shoes but there wash no time to stop. I know that it wash mine blood from mine feed’s but I told myself it doesen’t hurt and so I walkt forward. And yes I saw a namewise with Barcelona it wash now not long anymore. Or mine feeds do hurt it wash no long walk anymore I holt me for of it workt a littel bit. When I Barcelona see from far away I wash glad. I could make it now but I don’t know wath time it is I must before 14.00 h into de Sagrada da Familia come walk in. Ather wise is the game over and I shall not know who it wash. Thus mine feeds with are still bleeding I walkt and now since I have seen that namewise I go faster walkt and lookt on mine compas and coördinate everyting go good but, mine feeds are up and bleeding I wash up fiscly I need to eat and drink. I wash I think in 3 days 5 kilo weight away but I wash not jet skinny. Endless after those ridiculous walking from home to Barcelona. He wash still into the wouden high to get that to restauren in his old way make so as he wash. The door wash open and I walkt in I go to Hohly water I stand still make a cross with the Hohly water and do a pray. I walkt forward I lookt on me and I go sit on a chair the 2 before the Hohly water so I sit backwarths. I sit there and wait, on a certenly moment I get a nasty feeling in mine head and felt on the ather chair. In trance how it comes I don’t  know so I sit a half hour long. And I come back to the world so I wait and wait. On a moment I saw somebody come in and that person walkt to forward, he make a cross even as I did and turn himself around and came to me. Don’t be afraid come with me, wath I did. I would ask him to his name but he did his finger for his mounth I knew I may nothing ask do not speak in a church so I diden’t. I get new coördinate and a place were I must go for ather coördinate. That wash exaiting for me. But I walkt after him and he wisper in mine ear here in I thouth rear place, thats the place were you are make youre confession to priest he go away, but oké wath have I to lose?. So I do wath me wash told and yes I must tell why I’am walkt a ather route with wath given. And I say so open and honestly I know he should say you speak not the true. So honestly there come I better away. He listen the, servant, of the unknown protagonist he askt “give me youre coördinate and youre own compas” I give it I must go to Suith-West to Mauretanië second station wash Morroko, abouve Marrakech. That wash a long trip to do but the first town from Mauretanië I must in one day can have, and then I get a new letter. “Must I swim”I ask “no” “you go walking if you follow this coördinate then you come out by a ferry, you take the ferry to Mauretanië” “when go mine time in” “tomorow sunrise”. “I go walk now of get I rest”? “Rest a bit you shall needed”. And I go to a information center were I can sleep eat and drink. And I walkt and so I saw a camping I go for a look. 5 stars I have no mony I must look for mine eat on the beach some great fish, hophely wath vegetabals so I go. And I took some solt water and wash looking for some fish or somting else wath I can eat. And I get a view crabs and slice of fish. So I get and make a fire and cook mine meal vegetabals I have not seen but this wash also good if I somting to eat have. The fish wash quick ready but the crab let on his wait, so I begon on mine slice of fish. The crab wash endless ready, the both I put of I wash in a hurry and I get rest I do not understand that. And all the time i wash in a hurry and why I had by sunrise. But I will quick to start and by sunrise it wash a long trip wath I have to do. I must to the first town into Mauretanië then I heart more I had eaten in mean time that I thought and I thought a lot and that wash also not good. I go to sleep and I see well wath the ather day me should bring, the only wath I know wash I have to walk to the ferry and then to the first town. But wath is the name of the first town. I understood a lot off but now not anymore. And with building or shall that stood into the letter all questions by me. I slept good when the sun comes up. I get the sun into mine eays I wake up I look to mine coördinate, mine Tent clapst I in and there we go. Up to the ferry I must get it I get Barcelona to thus why this not I stept quick and fast of someone get and almost to me say “make hurry because you shall it not make”. And I look and I must follow mine coördinate with the servant put in for me and he did that also with mine compas it stood fast the coördinate. I wash there not glad with but I wash still good and I saw a great highway I saw placewise to Gibraltar there is a ferry then I come out in Tanger first place of Marokko that wash not good I must to Mauretanië, wath has the servant me given this wash not good the first place of Mauretanië Oh no how now it wash the first ferry and the compas say that to and wath say the coördinate “HELP”they give Mauretanië we shall see on the ferry a day lose I gambeld and I gambeld wrong totally wrong. I have so fast stept that I near in Cartagena wash and than a view miles and I wash in Gibraltar hophely I get somebody on who I it can ask of I go good and I saw somebody with his suit that go as the wind to a tree left and right thus I go there faster I could not faster anymore. And it wash the servant, I stop “I did give up the wrong coördinate youre compas is good” “so I go good” “excuse me it is mine folt when mine master that heart then I live not long”. From that moment I know it wash a man but wath for man kind straingst strengst or wath for man must I think. He sayd Master wow who with kind of Master will speak me, has he one or more servants those questions spoke in mine head. “Is youre Master so hard then”? “Sorry I may not answer on that”.  “Thus yes” . It wash evening he wash still buzzy to get good mine coördinate.” Go on youre compas forward to Gibraltar and took the ferry for the sun get under you must be in Tanger Marokko and go to the markt the graet one”. So i did and I wash not folt endless I did somting good. I get the compas and go forward on mine way to the ferry before the sun is under I must on the great market are in Tanger. And walkt faster and faster I will be on time in Tanger on that marketplace in the middle and then I see wath further shall happen. After 3 ouwers I see the first namewise to the ferry, so I followd them. It likes a pelgrimjourney maybe wash the meaning of the Master so. And maybe wash it a hard person and maybe had he more than one servant. All those questions when I heart that it not a it anymore wash, but a he. And so before I know wash I by the ferry now nearly that wash a mistake I must cross about the town from east – suith strait on suith so I involved mine compas and saw I wash good and I stept fast forward. I can not have a rest, yes on the ferry I have a littel bit rest. So I look for it for the ferry to have a rest. I came endless by the ferry on and I go stand by the ather people. “Are you walking”? “Yes” ” 6 pond please” “I get nothing” “let see youre papers” “please” when I let see mine pas. “It’s Oké we diden’t know that you come so early” He give mine pas back and say “go standing by kajuit bakboard” bakboard is to the left so I do that. I will sit wath I also did I felt nearly in sleep so tiered I wash. I get a shuddle and pain into mine right leg. “Stand up you are in Tanger” but not jet on the great market but I could mange that yes I can handle this. Now the market again across the street but rear enough there were no namewise. How now. I ask a man if he speak English and he did and mine answer wurth be answerd “you are on the greatest market with we have” ïs this the middle” “no you see that fishman”? “Yes” “Well thats the middle” “Tanks a lot Mister”. So I walkt to that.


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