The Hunt Of The Black Dragon.

Goodday Mister Mastgrave,

I wish you a lot off luck with the M.A.T. and the G.R.E. and youre long trip 9 hours to get on time on the conference on Chinese Philosophy. So I have read you are late back Sunday. If I can do mine 3 time 2000 words who will read that you have many people that also workt for you?. Well good luck and I hope evrything go good for you. So far mine luck wiches to you.

The Best Worriors Sent Out, For To, Make The Blake Dragon Knok Out.

The black dragon feel his not afraid and why: it wash his home straingers he do not like in his home. But the best worriors where sent to give him a Knok Out or at least bring him to death. But from who that home is, than is it to fight in the hole of the Lion. He diden’t invate you, he take a rest until 3 worriors came in one has a fakkle with fire and burnd good. Those ather 2 who also standing into the river with speers and a cheelt. They were come with the waterfall and came out by that young tree right from the worrior with his fire. The dragon were awake he saw the worriors and they are not glad, they hope to suprise him in his sleep. Now they have make a plan, but they have not a plan B. The Black Dragon walkt and see on his way. The Black Dragon look like on a snake and a bird. He has wings and a thong as a snake very long, so he can put away you into his stummac. His eays are also from a snake. One of the three worriors slept out and feld into the water. The light comes to the waterfall in, of the home from the Black Dragon. A rear name but the people has given him that thus you the Dragon has to deal with it. The Dragon know that the people are afraid for him. A lot of people has tryed to give him a Knok Out or to death. Nobody is with a lot of luck came back, one could be escaped from the Dragon. He spraid his wings and can fly to them, the three worriors make them littel, but not the worrior with the fire. The Black Dragon waite with to go fligh, he don’t know wath that wash that yellow light. The Worriors has make quick a plan B. The Black Dragon put his neck and head out and brought his snake-thong and walkt quit forward, but with his big feeds he make to much noise so that the worriors them could move. And when it wash not to see for the Dragon they took under water there sword. The first to and hold them littel there wash one with light, but the two forward who hase taken his sword give them firelight, so that they have all of the three a firelight. It water wash not very deep it wash good for the Black Dragon, where the worriors were there it wash deeper. From there cames the water and it wash near a waterfall and they walkt into a marsh not very handy to fight to the Big Black Dragon with has from evry animal somting thus where can you begin. The wings or the thong or his feeds. He must be a weak place have, maybe his heaviness, so he can not quick forward, but he wash big, and the worriors not. But the warriors can do quiet and the Black Dragon not, how little the steps are that he forword do it helps the Dragon not from the noice off. And should endless worriors make it to Kill the Dragon who has somting from a snake a great bird and a Dragon from the beginning of the Earth. It is a crossing from all the three and he or she we diden’t know even as the worriors a she is not afraid fight for the last moment certanly when she has young one. Thats the problem of the worriors, the Dragon wash slapt out and let hear from them. So the worriors will make light maybe helps that the Dragon like’s a little bit eat, but that light she knows that not, but wath has that to do with her eat. Thus bouth has somting afraid and for to win you must be youre afraid keep from board the one will eat and the three worriors will win and make him death. He wash to dangerous for a normal human thus the worriors must do there job. The worriors would themselfs after a three, but youre are  into a march and you drove with youre legs deep away so the ather own with the light-fire saw it and could not help, he go standing in a fight holding from come on boy. That give ather also curriuche and so the stand togeheter and came forward. But the ather two has there light’s not on and they get not on. And they know the Dragon has not lose in there own home, and they were in there home at the moment. So why should the Dragon now lose in there own home that should be strainge. It wash there very light the sun came in people with yellow light and a Dragon who don’t like light, by the trees on here wing near before here. Wash the day then not her day, a Dragon who don’t like light. With the sun into back they go there fight on for theme was the sun also hot, but they have a task to do there duty thus it wash for the Dragon and for the Worriors all in the game three to a Dragon who camed from and with a waterfall exapt one the one with the burning light. It wash with a lot of luck the day of the Black Dragon. She has theme not eaten thanks to the fire.


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