Who Wants To Speak Me? Part III

So I arrived by the fishman, there wash me told that that the middle of the great market wash. Thus the only wath I can do wash waiting and I did that. But there where so mush markets thus stood I on the right market, I wash been warned by the servant of The Master who give’s me, last time wrong coördinate. And who should give me now the good coördinate, must I trust that servant who give’s me the wrong coördinate, must I from the The Master or can I trust him and may The Master it not know. And should he his servant punish and why will he speak to me?. All questions about The Master, when I wash waiting. I feel a little tik on mine sholder, I look and there wash the servant who give’s me the wrong coördinate, I feel in mine hard a sorry boy I can trust you anymore wath I also say to him. “Sorry I can’t Trust you”. “Why”?. “You give me the wrong coördinate” “Will you know who you wants to speak”. “Yes of course”. “Well follow me I know the way here” “Oké” “Here is a letter for you with the to follow coördinate and put them also into in youre compas”. He give the letter if I make a folt than it go wrong and wash then mine folt. I took the letter make him open and begon to read south-west and then south-south-west strait to Marrakesh. I put it in the compas and the coördinate GSM. “Get I in Marrakesh new coördinate of”? “Yes you do”.  “Oké and thanks”. I have nothing get to eat and go move on I go Tanger out and begon to walk right into the dessert it’s now to stay in live. I let me not warned by a servant who did things folt the sun wash still fast with shinning and I did a short of helmet on my haed. Thats again the fast sun I get fat closes abouve in packets done for the cold in the night. So I wash earlyer gone than me wash told and I diden’t know that, that not so wash, the last words in the letter I did not good read. There stood came the servant tell me “don’t go the dessert in read again”. Now I wash not glad I wash near on the dessert, but I read and there stood The Master has written I see everyting and I know evryting “You have to slape not into the dessert, but first you go to the house of God and you pray of you the dessert come safty and you sleep outside before this house”. And I hase that not read stuppid from me. But I can it make good I wash not jet in the dessert. I must go back wath I did. There wash waiting the servant he has somting in his suits but wath? He say “shoes out and wash youre feeds if you that has done you come to me”. I lookt but I saw the sky and I saw a great buildig it look a temple but that wash it not, there stood into the letter that it a house of God wash well with God than well. I go sit and did wath he askt I go wash mine feeds and good why, I do that normaly to. When I wash ready I go to him and he did me a colourd cloth on mine head but he had rough take mine own clac put from mine head and he did it a little bit rough and quick on mine head the colourd cloth. Then he begon to speak to me all the time he say nothing and me also not. “Oké I have make a great mistake mine Master knows that all ready thus I must make me sorrow about you that you not the same punichment have or get from him, but named me Len thats mine wreel name”. “If I not make a folt than you has not known my name”. “The sun go under and we go inside, and do what I sayd”. So we walkt in he stand still go sit on his knie’s I did the same he did his suits to eathather and I did that to. He begon in for me not understand language that wash no English it like on a language that go further than to speak Arab no it wash more than a short off request to God for to still his punischment may, there after a forgifniss and after his punish wath he would still will lived. Did he know wath he get, should it and should the Master be on so strenghst, and wath would he from me?, also me let come for to give a punishment wath have I did wrong in mine live. Yes maybe a lot of go Len to the place were he should die and me to. Len wash still praying in a language what unknown is for me. After 3/4 hour he came back his suits go obouve his head so to his chin. And I did the same with mine suits. He stand up go with his suits abouve to his knie’s and come abouve and stand right. And yes I did the same. He turnd around and walkt away, so me to. Outside say Len “do can understand wath I’am praying for you and for myself”? “Yes a little bit but the language I diden’t understand, I saw it on your face you look afraid”. “Thats true” “For wath than I can that not understand, that little folt”? “Yes that littel folt I’am sure that mine Master this knows, it good be consequens have for you”. “Someone let me come for a punishment it is not a joke I hope”. “It is not a joke it’s wreel” “who will kill me than if you has a name than has he a name to, and wath is his name than”? “I’am so sorry but we have a code and that code is hohly”. “Oh no the ten both of the Bible of where he in Belief’s.” “I may give no answer pleace do this not”. “You go alone to Marrakech”. And I saw him walk away a servant who knows where I’am I begon very wrong thought to have, he wash very afraid, you can heart it in his voice, he know wath he get and me, me to or wath is it I on mine way to mine own death but first must the Master me seen and spoke, I must forgiffnis ask by the Master. But me and myself is the boss about mine body. I must myself good hope to talk that I not get so angry and afraid as Len at the moment wash. And get Len a deathpenelty from his Master. The rearly wash he may not speak about his Master good that also a deathpenalty if the name from the Master us where told or as one of the servant a slip of the tongh has or have. Len had it nearly sayd. He askt of I could stop with asking, wath I did only out respect for Len I should will know wath the name is of the Master. But I must step faster I wash now on mine way to Marrakech and I hope that I can make it, it should be cold into the night of the dessert. I know that I have that early done thus this is nothing new for me. But why will The Master ( the protagonist) me outgrowth?  But I can still speak if he would a fihgt with sword and a speer then I have somtingh else. If, and before I died, I don’t know of I get a live in the dessert. And I must look to eat, I know that a snake could be tastefull it taste to a chicken. Why can I not cath a snake, just a littele own. I walkt I saw some water but it wash not so a oase how bad is this no eat no drink, and I’am walking to mine death?. Before I go to sleep, mine Tent wash out and make mine bed, there came a scorpion to me a bad own, I thought on own thing eat, mine left shoe wash out I took him and clapst with mine shoe on the scorpion, he wash death. I make a fire and let cook the scorpion. The gif must I cook out did I this not you can be nothing again anymore. But in the night I can be surprised by a snake or a ather scorpion who wash the husband or the wife and they have a look for echthather. So I put mine bed a littel bid higher than normal, for to took the animals away. I wash thyerd wreely thyred. I do a pray for to ask wath the The Master from me will, and know’s?.  He will see you and he will have a confesion, if you not give youre confesion then you shall go die on the same way as his doubleman has this must have make’t. You know wath you have done. I tought it all the time and mine husband to, from the beginning that I were called by telephone. There wash wath, wath a normal human not can feel, but I feel it in de night, I knew there wash somting wrong. But it wash not me alone ask youre mother, and you ather two brothers thus it wash not me alone, let them also walk even as I do and did. But if I life come back than I go back with the plane. That wash mine answer for the person for who I prayd. From that moment he knows it shall be a mentally question from bouth side I want no sword I want it on the mentally level, fight out if there a fight must be. I know myself in diffecult surcomstances I’am cool, nothing moved in mine face no emotion’s, nothing wrong I go this win I have walkt so thus I have the wapens to choose, and I choose for the mentally level. So I had a night not slept I wash bissy my self to give hope and a lot of curouch. So you can say with blood, swet and tears have I made it. And I shall made it and I shall made it also for Len and I shall made it to let see who wash wrong, I’am not alone I must do it and I shall do it again I’am not folt. I knew it from the beginning thus me alone give and give up mine live no I’am not quilty. Thats is wath he want to hear I know it after mine pray he would a confesion no that do I not thus I will play on the mentally level. And he is older I’am older he let me walk and he make’s me tyerd no eat no drink. In the heath of the sun I have to walk. I wash already stardet on mine last day. And I have before the sun go under in Marrakech were it wash me not told by Len. And I hoped that I Len saw back and should I him seen, nothing were wash the true I saw no Len when I walkt into Marrakech. I wash dissepointed trully I could talk to him, but not to far with questions. I saw a House of God so I walkt to that, it saw again as a temple. I waite there and I lookt to out and inside of the town it wash butifull. On mine left sholder I feld a tick 2 times, I look it wash Len. “Thanks it’s you” “I diden’t saw you” “shall we go in” “shall we first do the feeds”? “You have right”. After that we go in. And again he prayd for me and for him self. After that we go out and he say “the rest we do with a jeep” “Oh oké why is that so, he want me not speak he wants me the same punishment as his doubleman right or”?. He don’t speak he lookt me you know it.


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