Who Wants To Speak Me? Part IIII

I look back to Len from yes I think that I know it. We look to a sleepplace for to get frech, get the fight on. I have for sure a little knife with me thats for the cook, I make it evry time clean so I can brought it when I had needed, and thats come near. “Len why are we going with a Jeep”? “You get a rest before you must fight”. “Fight withs fight, I have walkt from mine home to Marrakech I’ll will choose the wapens I will write it for you and if you must go to youre Master you give it him”. ” I have that right atherwise I force him, I insistent on it thus leave or not leave”. “You dare it’s a tirant”. “A tirant can also lose”. “I’am not forgotten how to handle with this people, who look like a tirant, but wreely not are”. “Here is youre letter with the same message what I have told you, that I choose and the right have to choose were the fight already with shall beginn and hophely ended too”. And when it is dark we walkt out of Marrakech near the dessert there wash a Jeep waiting for us. Len say to me “don’t talk, go to sleep or think on youre fight, how do you it will play, do of you sleep”. “Oké I take you warning seriously”. I go easy lay into the bag and did of I sleep, but I thouhgt about mine tactick to play the fight. With a lot of old tricks and on the mentally level, who won must do his confesion, he did also a lot off wrong. I wash there hoghly by I have maybe make’s two mistake’s thus who is wrong bouth are wrong. But the law of the jungle says the most powerfull win. He want play with wapens but I don’t prefure that. I will know wath level he has I have him a lot of learnd of he it to day know’s I don’t know. But I shall win for myself and for the servant who I can named Len. I saw that he lookt to me, I that one eay open and look back, I let see a littel paper. Don’t worry about me I can handle this. His mounth go open, but he saw on time that the ather servant the driver, Len say “the person sleep and fast”. “That is good, you have nothing told about, who will her speak”? “No nothing she don’t know who The Master is and why The Master her will speak, she know nothing”. “Maybe you punish shall be not so fast are, if this is true”? “Of course I do still wath mine Master say”. That was a interesting confercesion between two servants. But I told not mine tacktics so it must for evrybody be a surprise. And they don’t not know  that I still have a knife a sharp knife thus if he can not too his lose and begon with knife’s or someting than I have also someting. Own thing stood by me fast I did not give a confesion not to him who those ather two named The Master. And from the confercesion (wath they say to echather) give me some things, that one of the two (Len) I tought a double-agent wash. But how can I that proof it that shall be diffecult. Between I look on compas saw I that we going to north-east I had a littel map so I begon to look silance to Fez but a littel bit on suith rear wash that. On the map wash a river mine compas say that we near under the river are. I took evryting so silance back and rest out and did off I sleep. But the tought’s that own of the two a double-agent wash I wash not happy with that so I fight to bouth people I doesen’t like that. A spy in the middle. How go I proof it that, that possible so wash. And why do we drove to Fez under a river that wash middle of the dessert. Who wash so grazy. Oké this is 1-0 to The Master but I get him. I have a old trick’s and a box full of it and I shall brought them I shall them need. The most fair play is that and theire can you may win. A stick ground from 11 meter long and 6 breadth and straith line’s so thats youre play field no wapens no nothing only with youre suits. The first go knok out has lose only The Master and I. The Jeep stopt after a view hours of driving. I must get out, and Len came to me and say “do you have any advice for me”. “No, do you for me have any advice”? “Stay cool and let youre hard go slow down”. “Here is the letter for youre Master don’t read it, if you do mine punsich is more bad than from you Master, and wath is, his name”? “I can’t tell you”. “But I know it you disapointed me you wreely afraid”? “I know a lot I know were we are and you know that to.” I gove him the letter and he took him to his hard and give it a kiss. That wash rear wath he did, but why did he that?. “I have to talk with The Master that you are arrived, you have to waite here you may not forward”. Wath I in the beginning thought it shall be come out I know that now so sure and I feel me stronger and stronger. But a servant not Len he wash with mine letterr on his way, there came a ather one. He lookt me and go came back and he give me a peddle, he begon to make a hole and give the peddle to me and make with his suits the same move that I must make that hole and the servant lookt. I wash bissy and he put wath Len about mine head has down rough put he it away. So rough that I have there pain from it. Len wash completly dissepaert you saw him not anymore with youre eays. The sand from the dessert wash cool not so hot anymore. The servant make with his suits a handdling from stop this is enough I stand and would came out he want that not, so I wait. He came back with 2 stick of wood and one wash bigger than the ather own, I must come out, he go in put the wood into the ground you saw a so small stick wood, and I must there go on sit. He let me see a paper if I fall before Len should be back, then wash Len not anymore to safe than he should lockt up where the heath at that moment the greatst were. So long until he died. That was on the letter written, his moment of died and mine should be the same. So he make me fast and on mine hand the hot sand about me, but mine sholders are abouve me and I can felt on mine back and broke mine back and mine neck. I can felt with mine face into the hot sand. That wash the most safe I can still mine head up off I must be between door the sun get a clap that I were ill. I choose forward, but the wood where I on must sit and already did. The Master play falsh ont honstly. All the time he did so he will me make death before I came into his home. He will not go a fight on in his own comfortzone. There was one who playd not in his comfortzone he  like a wolf all wath he gets outside by his comfortzone there he will play in not out. But if you will you comfortzone bigger and greater than you have to make risk. And I must from mine comfortzone come to here, thus out far out of mine comfortzone to go out a fight, a fight that I go win. But the sun wash when I wash tinking still burning on mine head I had a lot of pain now but I try to go to pick up mine meditiation and that I’am not wash the loser but the winner. Mine face put I in the middle of the sun I did mine eays squeeze. Let me not fall and let me have no pain wath ever happens. So I repead that many time’s. I were quiet mine breave go slowe and very slow I fall forward with mine face into a lot of sand. I came back repaid “let me not fall” “stay sitdown be quiet”and mine breave go again slow but not to slow. After own hour the servant saw that Len came back. Len took the peddle and grave me out make me suits lose. “Walk with me”. I make mine face clean and still no food and no drink. “You did good the most get die here you are the first who came in life out of youre own grave”. “And go we now to youre Master” “he knows that you are under you way are” “You give the letter to him” “How do you know that”? “I know so much, more than good for me is”. “How do you mean that”. “Sorry I can’t answer it, youre question”. And there wash Len not very glad with, certanly not that I exact say wath he all the time say to me. I saw it in his face, a littel bit angry. “Just one mile to go”. “And than”? “Will you see him”?. “Stop right here”, why I it say I don’t know but there on that moment there comes somtingh to me a specially feeling. And I go on zen a  high level of concentration a short of meditation. But it happend I let come the feeling and I stand still and I saw things with Len me could told and not have told. Now I know why he is afraid of. The Kingdom of the death with one wrong person and the ather are good. I know who it wash one in life and two death persons but theire spirit let see how they in life-time has seen out. I know it endless the fight is to a life person. And Len came out the Kingdom of the death he knew it and the ather servant too. Who me put into the hole. Oké mine stratgie wash now perfect only get some drink and eat. When I came back I feel me tiered wreely tiered. But there wash just a mile to go. Len has no idea wath wash happend when I stood still he wash still walking so I go walking to. Len lookt abouve his sholder and saw me far away in the middle of the dessert. I walkt on mine own not to slow but also not to fast, so as ussally, thus normal. Now stood he still when I it saw I stood also still. He must come to me I begon with mine play. And he could know it, but I think that he it not knew, that I this play wants to play with his Master. With the minut I feel me great and strong, I was the boss now, now must evrybody listen to. The Master his Empire must feel for me, there is more to see out side that Empire. Wath from a old man wash wath his great strenghtst has lost. And I feel me greater and bigger, so I tought “you have signt for you own desteny and you can get that”. I saw Len waiting for me but I go sit and make mine feets clear. He came to me not fast and not slow. After 30 minuts he wash standing for me and ask “wath is wrong” “may I do a pray”? “Sorry” “Mine tacktic workt thats good, so I want it”.


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