Who Wants To Speak Me? Part V

sweetdreams achtergrondI know that they me will bring to the Empire from the Kingdom to the death. There wash own who wash in live.

But I know that mine tactic workt. And Len wash nervous, I saw it and I askt him. “Len are you afraid for a second time to go, the Kingdom of the death”?. “Wath for question is this, evrybody is afraid for the death, but no second time”. “Don’t ly to me, you must make youre folts good and than you may go but not on the manner that you Master want”. “I fight for you and myself understand that good”. “Late in the evening and I tell him how he must to play”. “Come sit and I tell you”. But I tell him not evrithing mine plan must all the time workt and I had even a plan B. But in the same time we stood up and we go walking further. When I have talk with Len, I singnt the ground this is now from me. We came by a big Tent, Len go in and he say “Master Youre askt person is waiting outsite”. “No folts and no tricks anymore of I let burn you” “That voice that wash wreely familiair to me, but I would him see”. Len came with a letter back. He give it to me, and I open it. I know who has that written and I thought it all the time. That suite-writting I reganiz it, how bad wash that but I know who it wash. Len took me inside of the great Tent. What all in the Tent wash, wash butifull and he sit on a lot of cushion’s it like of I wash into the 1001 Ali Baba somtingh like that. But anyway I must good know were I am. Wash this his manner to fight not so honstly, constantly you let think in wath for movie you are, and always a ather world. That is not the same level to speak and there wash no word spoken. So I stood there and I waited, wait that to me shall be sayd “go sit down”. And after a 30 minuts I heart somting like that. In the 30 minuts I have look around where I the best sit have to look evrybody, including The Master. The Master took the word and say “I have read youre letter how can I that concretly seen”. “Well in mine opinion have I the right to choose of the wapens and you have that can read in mine letter”. The play wash on now I must find the refree. “You have nothing clear to me, I want a answer”. “Listen good I say the things just own time, you get mine answer, by the way you are not good for you guest, you give them no drink and also not somting to eat” “I let me that not say”. “It is just say” “he try to say that it not so wash and that he alwas good wash for his people”. And than I heart a ather voice “Master it is 0-1 there is a point scorred by the antagonist”. “Why I’am youre boss you may with Len burn in the sun until you die”. “I’am sorry Master”. “Sorry are you the refree”? “Yes I’am” “You can and can’t a refree not blackmail youre own refree with the words burn in the sun until you die”. “I know youre name you found that you are always have right the argue is: you live and the rest wash all reday died, but they must there folts make good”. “Do you have more to say I have also things to say about you” “So as”? “If you beginning give me to drink and eat than you do more for you guest”. But it came the play must be fair, playd. The refree wash afraid. He would walk away, he comes nearly to me I have in a very fast time wrote a letter and give it him. But who where the ather persons. I get drink and eat and I go lay down into a lot off cushions with some vegetables in mine left suit and I spoke not own word to The Master he could ask wath he want but he diden’t. He let me drink and eat, and I lay so lovly that I came not anymore in a normal sitdown. The Master do the same I like that I bring him on the doubt. It must be more. The Master good four five questions have for me, but he has. So I eat and drink the refree ask me why I go not further with asking. “If the Empirer has no askings for than I can get nothing answer, true or not”. “Who say that I’am be a Empirer”? “Just I know, I know youre name and this must be like servants, they coming from the Kingdom of the death, they must folts good and than they can in peace go and you will murder them, you are comming in hell for all wath you have done 22 years you will not be found and you have all the time here a good live. You can say that to you family this is grazy wath you are now doing”.  “And you kill me to but how”? “That is a lot of wath are you saying, thus I should be the only own that be lived”. “Indeed, and do you know you wreel name”? “Sorry” “You rember the beach when I spoke to you”? “Yes wath is that, somting new”?. “No but you are the same person, you named youre self The Master and you fight not out youre comfortzone you have that all you life done, JP” “Nobody say that to me” “Yes of course you are the King the Empirer of the dessert, but you aren’t. “I will somting to eat and some drink”. After 15 minuts there where new eat and drink for me nose so lay me back done into cushions, and I pickt again from the vegatabals and some drink. And say a long time nothing. And so I play mine game. The Master (but not for me) strecht out his suits two servants game and two go stand after him. He will that he wants go up between his servant. “I have theire servants for, I’am the King”. “So so you dare”. He wash fat and his walking like on a great beast, I walkt after him and wath do you think. He wants to fight and why, he want to lose, thus, than with a knife, “you play not honstly” “learn that you have that never could in hole youre lifetime”. “You think so”. “Yes I’am I see you pick up to youre knife isen’t it”, if you sayd no you ly”. “I wash always helping you but I ask Why Wants You Speak To Me”? “Come on tell me now”?  “I want a confession from you”. “You can forgot that you are not God I’am not in a church, I’am in a dessert”. “Do you have a shortly memory”? “Oké it is maybe not honstly that I want to play in mine own comfortzone”. “So wath do you have more to tell, I get some drink.” “Lets go in to the Tent, oh by the way you sleep here right behind me, he walkt to a Tent a littel own, you get drink and eat”. “Give her mine breakfast”. I wait and the time go forward after a own hour so I thought, they came with two own has a graet round slender and the ather came with a great sulk. “Bring me too”sayd The Master, he would not say that he JP wash but who else, so black on his soul, it could not be a ather. “Drink and eat with me you shall needed”. “Why and do you have a spy here, who must more and more information give about me”?. “We do not on spy”. “And Len than who walkt with me from Gibraltar to Tanger the route you know”. When I drink I tought “Wath is this for fat nasty drink”. But I say nothing thus I hoped that, that nasty taste not to see wash. I go with mine suite into the slender to taste wath that is. Goodday it wash faster and fatter aswel oh wath nasty wash this. But I shall eat it and drink it, I have no hungry anymore, better sayd no taste anymore. Own hour and mine slender and than a littel bit out of mine sulk and I have done wath I have to do. I strecht mine suits on diffrent ways then I strecht them forward Len and the refree helpt me to stand up. The Master say “I give no order that to do”. “Well I take a rest and go to sleep”. “Thanks Len and mister refree”. So I slept two hours long and fast I don’t not know wath happend wash. I wake up and I had it very hot the sun wash shinning on mine Tent they have a very fast thik close on my lay down. They have mine knife found, this wash now very nasty. But the Master prefroure the fight in the 11 l and 6 b extlay in the middle begon on 14.00 hours. I look where mine knife where nowere I stood up I have need the pillow for that and wath a lucky have I, I saw mine knife, but the meal wash so sear on mine stummac that I spouw evryting out. It’s 0-2 thus I stood for he has choosen for the wreel fight. So fat as he is. The refree came ask of I ready for it was “will you call Len for me” “yes of course” “Len I have here someting put mine skin under so thik as you can it’s 1 minut for 14.00 hours”. “You Master do that too”. On exactly 14.00 hour we came to the middle who as first go knock out wash his death near. But on with way there were no about spoken. And we begin he came as a hippopotamus to me I go to his legs and wait on the ather site. That go a time good and he were tiered, but not tiered enough, he bow for me took me and there I go. I waited he comes to me in a faster step I took him by his great fat suits and all the power wath I in me have put him abouve mine head ten meter to the ather site there he lay down. I wait on him I go not to him. After ten minuts I go a littel bit forward and he don’t move. I cald the refree, the refree came for a look. And go tell from 10 to 0 out. He wash completly out lose 0-3 lose. The refree ask water and bring him back. “Sorry Sir you have lose the game, you have no point scored”. “With Punichment will you give him” “I want to know why he 22 years not will be found” “Why he wants to speak only me” “If I had lose how get I die”. “I want 3 anwers” “Oké and if I will not give a confesion”. “Than shall you die mornig at 14.00 hours in the heath of the sun shall you burn”. “And were I don’t say it” “You confes or you die, taken ar lose it”. “Len this cage wash for you I know it put your Master there in refree wath is you name, Berty oké Berty you go this make fast so fast as you can”. “Put first mine sleeptent away and set them into the shadow” “Here is a clouth make his skin dry so dry you can”. “Tomorow you put him into the cage naked”.  “If evrithing is done he has a night for to think about it, he must naked in the cage”. I go the Tent in and those two did there work. After a night there he stood in the cage naked. “And will you do youre confesion”? “No than I go death so as I 22 years must be die and not did” “So if you wish”. I calld Len and Berty they came make it hot under his feets he has self choosen to by burning. And so shall it be.


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