Do You Have Things Before It Happend, Already Seen?

imageI Have that a view times had, sometimes, I have that again. 

And I don’t know how it comes some ask me are you Paranomal. I see unliked thing that I would not see. But also happy things. And things they warned me, they warned me for a a unhappiness. If I the warning say goodbay then it’s happend. And most of the time a have a nasty feeling. And I think it has nothing to do with magic or even black magic. The day from you birth is very important, that not alone the date and the hour. If you are born on the 8 so as I and not on wednesday or a saterday, but on a thusday thats not normal. By Chinees astrology is 8 the date of the power, and you can and will sucsesfull in your life. And you can youre power always brought. But I have not all the time some noticable of this. But if we go back to Stonehedge, Ireland, were before we are born de druide’s come those are the first people we can tell wath can go happening, they where very important to the people. And wath I after 5 or 6 years found out is wath you believe is very important to the people who can see, thus a Paranomal vision wath can be happend. If you are in a deppresion you see bad things is this not than you see happy things. But in the time that we lived comes chemistry is still forward. And who it will learn must go to Tibet, there, the into the monestary from the monk’s they learn you, you come not in if you can nothing. Only people who has someting good done with there visions. You can get that on dreams, or you will put someting out of a closet for to get to eat and you stand still and you do nothing. Ten minuts and you come back, you must be wake up and you go think wath wash that. Than you go evrything from beginning to the end for you self as a tape repaet, after a view times you know it. Evrybody who say I’am Paranormal claimt if they sent a letter to you, hophely you shall not talk about the letter and wath is in the letter written. Thats a code of honor, and for me is it a strainge person who I not meet. So I may not told about wath is written into the letter and who has the letter written. Thats diffecult. And in Nepal they do decoction of herbs into youre tea, they will give the sulk to you and when the tea are dark on some places they can tell you that you are ill and wath kind of illness you have. And we discus of this is Magician. No those people know wath good is for you normal herbs who you can eat, of brought into youre eat. When I wash young we did that to. We learnd on school very young from the wood wath you can eat, wath good is for youre health etc. Now not anymore the most wood must be make place for new houses, I’am very dissapointed, in this, a little bit wood is good. If this is magic, “Why comes it by me, without magic be true”? And that they have congres yes but a occult, maybe they named it so, thats for a normal people to high and we can than not good understand wath they are trying to say. Thats for me higher MATH and I do it not anymore understand. And if it’s magic than you must be can explane youre self. But you heart that not, no explaning of it’s a trick. A Paranomal person and he/she lookt to a programe, and see a illusionist on stage, the paranomal person see directly where the trick is and they can explane that the illusionist shall that not do, trick is trick. So by a songfestival of each country I look not when I heart the good voices, I look just own eay and close him. Evrybody has did his song and I go say who go win. And that came out. No magic no nothing at all. You relax youre self and when you see nothing than you heart it better. I say “combination 6 shall it be” 30 minuts after I had sayd it wash true even the names are true. But own thing this happen me not evry day, than you have no life anymore. And some articles I found good but ather articles who a ather like I don’t like, the article wath I yesterday finish I feel me bad by that, but I wash into the story. Who Wants To Speak Me? There was not a ather way out for him and I feel me bad that I must took this dissicion. Evrything about Paranormal is secret and it shall be secret, untill the end of your last day that you lived. Then you give you stuff to youre boss and he do them and he put it into a safe. And the relationship between sciences and the beginning in the occult studys. The silent’s is important for you concentration that when you are have a occult training the sciences come to you, would you good have to noticed and stop into youre memory. You put nothing on paper those things are dangerous, if any ather it found and they will hurt you than he can do that. So first comes the silent’s your concentration must go work than, if you are on a occult traing are you concentration shall be better and better and you know more about sciences, and so you can make youre study bigger and bigger. If you know evryting than you work for people who are it has bad. And you shall be not familair to those people. So I, so begins a letter from we have meet eachather not but that is not important etc. But I go asking I do nothing on sciences or a occult, but I know for me works it so.


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